Vertical Boring Machines

On Vertical Boring Machines

The size of vertical boring machines is usually big. This is because vertical boring machines usually have to use rotating pieces to a horizontal table. As the name shows, the function has a close relationship with borers. With the use of vertical boring mills, the borers being processed are allowed to travel in a horizontal direction.

May 13, 2021
Cast Iron Malleable

Where Does Cast Iron Malleable Come from?

To make malleable cast iron, workers in the foundry added hematite during the annealing process. According to the ductility requirement, they can also be mixed with sodium, cerium, or magnesium. Cast iron is usually smelted in a large pot. Usually, for other types of ironmaking, the furnace becomes too hot, this is when the iron absorbs the most carbon. Then pour it into a mold to cool.

May 13, 2021
Top Air Compressors

Top Air Compressors Selection Guide

A poor air compressor can potentially cost your business tons of money, and we are not exaggerating. An inadequate compressed-air system results in improper tool operation, high energy cost per unit, shortened product life, reduced capacity, and build-up of rust. All of these problems can lead to the undesired distribution of air, which may ultimately jeopardize your business.

May 13, 2021
Metal Stamping Press

An Overview of Metal Stamping Press

Metal stamping presses can be categorized into hydraulic presses or mechanical presses. Depending on the liquid, hydraulic presses can be further classified.  Generally speaking, both types of metal stamping presses are the primary machine tools used to press sheet metals. They can vary in size as well as the amount of force output.

May 12, 2021
Flash Butt Welding

What Is Flash Butt Welding?

Flash butt welding is also a type of welding which is used to join two separate parts together. To be precise, flash butt welding is considered to be an electrical resistance welding process which is just as I mentioned earlier, utilized for the conjoining of two separate components. During the process of the flash butt welding, the resistance heat which is generated from the parts is the primary way to transfer the energy.

May 12, 2021
Metal Cutting Circular Saw

An Introduction to Metal Cutting Circular Saw

The metal cutting circular saw allows both the saw blade and the raw materials being cut to remain cool during the operations. The advantages of the metal-cutting circular saw machine include the elimination of burrs during the sawing process and also the reduction of sparks, discoloration as well as hazardous dust.

May 11, 2021
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