Die Sinker

Introduction to Die Sinker

Overall, though, the EDM die sinker's fundamental features can give you a feeling as to whether EDM is a decent match for your application. EDM, for example, is usually slower than other methods of machining, but also more predictable, accurate, and repeatable.

Dec 24, 2020
Investment Casting Parts

How Are Investment Casting Parts Made?

Investment casting is also known as lost wax casting. As the name suggests, it is the process of casting the final products through the removal of wax, and the products, or the investment casting parts, would be almost the virtual prototypes of the wax mold that is made depending on the requirements.

Dec 24, 2020
Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Cylindrical Grinding Machines - The Pros and Cons Explained!

A cylindrical grinding machine is used for grinding workpieces cylindrically. As a cutting tool, it usually uses an abrasive instrument. This is primarily used for high surface quality and low surface roughness to specifically form and finish the given material. To produce highly precise goods, it is mostly a finishing process in which small amounts of metal are extracted.

Dec 24, 2020
Rotary Table

What Is a Motorized Rotary Table?

A motorized rotary table is powered by a motor. In some models of the motorized rotary table, a type of motor called the torque motor is utilized. The motorized rotary table is also a positioning equipment which is utilized in the metal working.

Dec 24, 2020
Square Tube Bending Machine

Introduction to Square Tube Bending Machine

A square tube bending machine is mainly used for bending the square tubes, which are the tubes with angles on the sides, in order to form the required shapes.

Dec 23, 2020
Coffee Robot

What Is a Coffee Robot?

Just as its name implies, a coffee robot is a machine designed to make coffee for people. It may sound like a relatively idiosyncratic idea to have a robot to make coffee for us. The truth is that there are a number of firms devoting effort to the design and manufacturing of coffee robots. Each of the models has its own advantages and traits.

Dec 23, 2020
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