Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Introduction to Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Investment casting is a process that stemmed from lost wax casting. It is one of the most historically known metal-forming techniques. The term "lost-wax casting" is also referred to as the modern investment casting process.

Dec 20, 2020
Hot Meal Vending Machine

Introducing Hot Meal Vending Machines

A hot meal vending machine is typically equipped with both a freestanding microwave and vending system that are capable of cooking a wide variety of refrigerated or frozen pre-packaged hot meals quickly.

Dec 20, 2020
CNC Plasma Cutting Table

What Can a CNC Plasma Cutting Table Do?

If you're currently in the position of the manufacturer of heavy industry, the CNC plasma cutting table wouldn't be so unfamiliar because it could literally be applied to these heavy-duty workloads. These materials that can be dealt with by the torch height control are stainless steel, iron, and aluminum. By delivering the electric arc that would run through the designated gas, the cutter would burst from an opening through the torch height control.

Dec 19, 2020
Gear Chamfering

The Fundamentals of Gear Chamfering and Deburring

Chamfering and deburring of gears are particularly crucial prior to the hard gear finishing process. This is especially true for honing, where hardened burs and excessive stock can significantly diminish the tool life, thereby increasing the cost per piece significantly. These conditions can occur as well when the finishing process is threaded wheel grinding.

Dec 19, 2020
Rotary Indexing Table

What to Consider When Buying a Rotary Indexing Table

A rotary indexing table can be used in many applications including manufacturing, inspection, and assembly. Indicators are used, for example, for assembly, manufacturing, and bottling equipment. They typically use a single item in workspaces or move relatively small layouts of items around stations for sequential work or assembly.

Dec 19, 2020

Problems in a CNC Surface Grinder

Usually, precise mixing of the coolant in a CNC surface grinder is done by hand, with little regard to the accuracy of the mixture. Since the results are not so readily visible, this problem persists and goes undetected.

Dec 19, 2020
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