sheet bending machine

What Is the Sheet Bending Machine?

For bending materials, industrial companies mainly change the shape of metal workpieces such as sheet metal and pipes. Adding or removing other materials is not done during the actual bending process.

Nov 5, 2020
RO Booster Pump

What Are RO Booster Pumps?

Water boost pumps in general are used to increase water pressure. Low water pressure during a shower is definitely not desirable for anyone who’d like to enjoy a nice warm shower after a whole day of hard work.

Nov 5, 2020
gravity casting

The Simplicity of Gravity Casting

The process of gravity die casting is a specialized manufacturing process to mold molten metal. Metal is poured from a vessel or ladle into a casting The tool cavity fills with no force except that of gravity. This fills the tool and it can be controlled by other means like tilting the die.

Nov 5, 2020
Wire EDM Machine

Ultimate Wire EDM Machine in Taiwan

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is an industrial manufacturing process in which electrical sparks create a specific metallic shape. Due to the incredible power of the spark, EDM is sometimes referred to as spark machining. Only where there is a spark, cuts are made in the metal, giving it the desired shape and tearing it off the sheet. It works to cut the desired shape out of metal when a voltage and a discharge or spark current is generated between two electrodes.

Nov 4, 2020
Metal laser cutter

Why Use a Metal Laser Cutter?

A metal laser cutter is a useful piece of equipment and many workshops use it for a multitude of operations. The main applications are cutting materials such as sheet metal and plates.

Nov 4, 2020
Box Way CNC Lathe

The Best Choice: A Box Way CNC Lathe

The four main considerations when choosing a CNC box-type lathe are speed, rigidity, load capacity, and tool life. The box-type CNC lathe is stiff and has a slightly slower feed, but can make heavy cuts on large parts.

Nov 3, 2020
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