Introducing Horizontal Metal-cutting Band Saws

Posted on Jun 10, 2021

horizontal metal cutting band saw machine

A band saw is a powered sawing machine that uses a saw blade to cut through the workpiece, usually a log of wood or other materials. The saw blade is welded into a band and passed along a pulley on a band saw.

As a multi-point machining tool, band saws are majorly utilized for cutting metal stock in the preparation for other processes. Today, people divide the band saws into two categories based on the orientation of the cutting unit/blade: vertical band saws and horizontal band saws.

Construction of a Band Saw

A band saw is constructed with two wheels, a saw band, a worktable, and a power source. The saw band connects the two wheels so that it runs as the wheels spin. The power source is usually an electric motor. The motor drives the wheels that spin at a high speed so the band can cut accordingly. The worktable is placed between the wheels and that is also where the workpiece is positioned and cut.

A horizontal metal cutting band saw machine has a similar construction except that the wheels have a horizontal configuration. The worktable is below the wheels and the saw band. The operator only has to adjust the settings and push the start button and the machine will do the rest. There is often an additional coolant system on a heavy-duty band saw.

What are the Applications of Band Saws?

Band saws are commonly seen in the residential and light industries. These band saws are powered, but not necessarily automated. They are mostly used for light-duty tasks. There are small to medium size band saws in garages, basements, or small workshops. They cut plastics, wood, stones, and thin sheet metals. Heavy-duty band saws are typically used for metal-cutting instead. The heavy-duty machines are available in both vertical and horizontal designs.

Main Use of Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw Machines

When using a horizontal metal cutting band saw machine, the workpiece is held in place and the blade swings down to cut. In general, the horizontal metal cutting band saw machines are designed to cut large pieces such as bar stocks or pipes to length.

What are the Limitations of Using a Horizontal Band Saw?

There are some limitations regarding the adoption of the horizontal metal cutting band saw machine. For instance, the use of horizontal band saws requires cooling oil to prolong blade life and allow for high-quality cuts. The cooling oil prevents the blade from heat distortion and tooth damage. Besides, they are specifically designed for straight cuts.

Figure. Oil Coolant System

Although the use of horizontal metal band saws is limited, they can work with a range of materials including plastics, soft metal, titanium, graphite, steel, exotic metal, just to name a few. Some models are even vibration-free. This feature allows for smooth operation and less noise.


Vertical vs. Horizontal Band Saw - Workpiece Size and Materials

Vertical metal cutting band saws are also known as contour saws. The workpiece is moved across the blade to cut. This type of band saw is smaller and requires less power. It is commonly used to cut pliable metal using its circular blade for complicated cuts. In most cases, they come with a built-in blade welder that can repair broken blades. It also allows the blade to perform the interior cutting.

Instead of a coolant system, there may be a blower for cooling and cleaning the work area from chips. Another difference between the two types is that the horizontal band saw machines are designed to cut larger pieces, whereas the vertical saws cut smaller pieces. If you want to learn more about vertical band saws, please check the link down below.

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Horizontal Band Saw Manufacturers in Taiwan

Waytrain and Rongfu are two experienced horizontal metal band saw manufacturers in Taiwan. They offer a series of metal-cutting band saws from light-duty saws to heavy-duty models for industrial use.


Figure. Rongfu, RF-712N

The RF-712N is a light-duty band saw. Its medium size makes it a competitive option for small-scale applications for workshops. Rongfu provides a range of upgrade options and swivel features for cutting various types of tubing more efficiently


Figure. Waytrain, LX-250AE

The LX-250AE is a model from Waytrain's full-auto band saw series. The human-machine interface control panel provides excellent ease of use. The broken-blade detection sensor improves the machine's reliability for demanding operations.


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