Introducing Rodless Pneumatic Cylinders

Posted on May 28, 2021

Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

A rodless pneumatic cylinder has the ability to move a load in a linear path efficiently by compressed air. The working principle of the rodless pneumatic cylinders is different from the conventional pneumatic ones because of their simple structure and working principle in essence.

A conventional cylinder uses a piston rod as the mechanism to push and pull the load. In contrast, a rodless pneumatic cylinder moves the load alongside the piston. This feature has given the rodless pneumatic cylinders several advantages.

For one thing, rodless pneumatic cylinders have the same stroke length in less space. For the other, rod buckling and bending with high loads or long strokes are no longer a concern for these rodless cylinders. Also, rodless cylinders can deliver the same force in both directions. It is very common to involve rodless pneumatic cylinders in applications such as material handling, loading, lifting, and web cutting.

Advantages of Rodless Pneumatic Cylinder

The simple design of rodless pneumatic cylinders comes with several advantages. They are ideal for limited-space jobs. They are good at controlling linear movements of the loads. The use of rodless cylinders reduces contaminations. Last but not least, it is a reliable machine. We will talk a little bit more about these pros in the following sections.

Ideal for Confined-space Application

Featuring double-acting operation, the rodless pneumatic cylinders are suitable for applications where space is limited because the installation length is only slightly longer than the cylinder's stroke.

Excellent Linear-movement Control

The rodless pneumatic cylinders can be utilized when the equipment demands repetitive linear movement. Thanks to the double-acting principle, the linear movement in two directions is effective. This offers excellent linear-movement control to the loads.

Reduced Contamination

When cleanliness and the minimal risk of contamination from lubricants are required by the application, rodless cylinders are the best choice for the job. Since the need for lubrication for the piston rod is reduced, the chance of oil leakage is minimized.

Enhanced Reliability & Ease of Maintenance

Rodless pneumatic cylinders contain fewer moving parts and therefore the maintenance of parts is reduced. Moreover, fewer moving parts also reduces the chance of machine malfunction and/or failure. In short, the simple construction of the machine guarantees better reliability.

Applications for the rodless pneumatic cylinder

Having all the characteristics mentioned above, rodless pneumatic cylinders are so prevalent that they are put to service in almost every industry. The automated manufacturing and engineering industry is probably the one that applies these machines the most. You can also see these gadgets in the processing and packaging sector.

Warehousing is another walk of life that deploys rodless pneumatic cylinders heavily. Other industries such as the food production industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc. all involve the use of rodless cylinders. If you are in one of these businesses, you might want to start looking for suppliers of these devices.

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