Introduction to Precision Machining

Posted on Sep 11, 2020

Precision Machining

Precision machining is widely used in various types of industries. Machine tool components manufacturing require a lot of precision machining and things such as precision locknuts, precision parts, thread grinding, and precision machine track scraper are the precision components we are talking about. Here we will go through several critical machine tool components in the article.

Thread Grinding for Precision Machining

When one talks about precision machining, spindle locknuts and the spindle itself come to mind. The locknut is a kind of precision component, while the spindle itself is a core part of machine tools. The accuracy of the spindle’s outer thread can affect the accuracy of the final assembly. Many locknut suppliers know it is important to introduce outer thread grinding machines from Europe and America so that the working accuracy is accurate enough as well as the repeatability. Through gripping the work piece with two lathe centers, manufacturers assure the concentricity and the verticality of the outer thread, so that the spindles meet the requirement for the spindle assembling standard. Aside from grinding the outer thread of the spindle units, many manufacturers also provide various grinding services for machinery parts and components, such as items like pull rods for spindles and pull rods for milling machines.

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Injection Molding Application

For a wide variety of plastic injection molds, many suppliers are capable of processing those special threads which cannot be done by regular CNC lathes and CNC milling machines. By using all kinds of abrasive materials, these suppliers can process various die steels to meet the requirement orders for plastic injection mold from customers all over the world across different specifications. Outer thread mold service is a significant part of the plastics and rubber industry. People who know this market and business opportunity know that the market share is booming. However, only those who are able to perform precision machining can partake in this market share with excellent service quality. 

OEM and ODM Precision Machining

Precision machining service includes many types of OEM and ODM services. In order to ensure the quality to fulfill customer's rigid demand, many suppliers carry out total quality control with their well-trained QC experts in every process. Those processes are with top-notch measuring facilities, such as 3D coordinate measuring machine, hardness testing machine, vision measuring system, roundness instrument, contour measuring system and surface roughness tester. Some advanced services also use statistical process control to collect the inspection data in the processes of production. It is demonstrated that the reasons of variation by using statistics to handle, calculate, analyze, diagram and tabulate are for scientific proofs. If there are any reasons of variation, service providers will revise, eliminate, and restrain them immediately. So the normal processes of production can be assured, and the regulations can be qualified. Most of all, the regulations can be achieved and the quality level can be improved significantly.

The OEM and ODM business are two major export fields of Taiwan’s manufacturers. They can help international high-end industrial owners to have their products produced respectively within the intended accuracy and exclusive specification. The reason why Taiwanese manufacturers can make this great effort in the business market is that they have advanced equipment and profound experiences. Many suppliers of precision components from Europe, America, Korea, and Japan come to Taiwan to talk about the OEM and ODM partnership for the past three decades. Some of Taiwan’s manufacturers also develop their own brands and the products vary from the existing partnerships. With great innovation and flexible creativity, These suppliers can do a lot of precision machining for global buyers who seek excellent machining quality and high metal working repeatability.

Smart Precision Machining

Today the industry is changing rapidly and in both automation and 3C consumable electric sectors, manufacturers need to do machining tasks with quicker speed and shorter cycle time. Automation is the future trend for almost all the factories of the manufacturing industry in the world. Many practical issues make this happen, such as the lack of manpower, lack of talents, increasing wage levels, environment issues, occupational standard requirements, etc. Plant owners nowadays have to cope with the standard that is getting stricter than before and keep up with the latest manufacturing trends. Some of them choose to rely on automation rather than human operators.

However, this technology requires technical advancement and is still not mature enough to be fully automatic. Accordingly, human workers are still very important and their competitiveness is not replaced by the components yet. No matter how those components and parts are exquisite, they are still cold items without mobility. It is a good prospect that people can use those technologies and work with automation techniques to enhance their precision while keeps their own competitiveness at their career field.

In the 21st century industrial buyers tend to purchase machining centers with robotic arm accessories for precision machining. Even if the machine tools are the most fundamental capital goods for manufacturers and play the critical role that determines the final output of the end products, components such as bearings, locknuts, robotic arm or other automation equipment still play an important but independent role in the accessories market. The relevant industrial sectors are booming and the business is good. The innovative designs and new applications will keep motivating the industry as well as industrial insiders. Together they make the best use of those components that help to accelerate the machining and manufacturing in a refined way.


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