Introduction to Universal Hydraulic Press Brake

Posted on Dec 21, 2020

Universal Hydraulic Press Brake

A press brake is workshop machinery used mostly for bending metals and sheets of metal. Where in compliance with the industrial necessity, it may be performed in either V type or U shape. It consists of two C frames mounted on the machine's ends, which are then fastened over a movable upper beam.

What Is a Universal Hydraulic Press Brake?

A universal hydraulic press brake is mainly a machine tool used to bend a metal plate or a metal plate into a shape determined by its mold. The predetermined bend is formed by tightly fixing the workpiece between the punch and the die. Usually, it has two C-shaped frames on both sides. It is firmly connected to the table at the bottom, and the top has a movable beam. The top tool is installed on the upper beam, while the bottom tool is installed on the workbench. It is actually a multifunctional manufacturing machine, so it is suitable for many types of metal forming operations.

It has the ability to transfer force in a limited vertical space to punch or bend metal plates. There are various products on the market now. However, according to the way the force is applied, they are mainly classified as mechanical or hydraulic. Earlier, mechanical brakes were widely used. Later, with the advancement of technology, universal hydraulic press brakes were introduced to the market.

Features of Universal Hydraulic Press Brakes

By using high-quality parts, the hydraulic press brakes offer excellent performance, resulting in an accurate mechanism that produces accurate bends time and time again. All the universal hydraulic press brakes should start out as base machines and as seen below, have several basic features. When manufacturing press brakes, one should use only the best available steel and materials, including some main key components as set out below:

● The Control system has three operating modes: inching, single, continuous
● LED work light
● Heavy torsion bar to ensure parallelism
● Three-speed hammer, rapid feed, bending cycle, dwell time, and rapid retreat
● Motor-driven front operation and rear level gauge with fine adjustment finger.
● The dynamic ram depth control can be fine-tuned through the control panel
● The control panel displays the position of the back gauge and the plunger
● Heavy-duty all-welded all-steel frame with ISO marked lifting eyes
● Fully adjustable material support arm
● Light Curtain Security System
● The emergency stop button is located on the control panel and foot controller.
● Quickly replace the top hole punch, which can be used for deep box bending
● Universal flatbed with front and rear T-slots, infinitely adjustable mold capture clamps
● Side guards with acrylic windows and safety sensors
● General-purpose goose-neck punch and multi-opening die with lifting chains

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Functions of Universal Hydraulic Press Brake 

A press brake is workshop machinery used mostly for bending metals and sheets of metal. Where in compliance with the industrial necessity, it may be performed in either V type or U shape. It consists of two C frames mounted on the machine's ends, which are then fastened over a movable upper beam. As the bending mechanism is tuned to operate quickly, the speed of the upper beam increases as there are further output requirements. The whole machine is placed on a shelf, so this equipment is also a space-saving choice, as a press brake. Moreover, in order to achieve accuracy in the process, press equipment is often preferred. Accuracy is required in terms of angle finalization, finishing, measuring accuracy, etc. For a variety of metals such as aluminum, brass and cold rolled carbon steel, hot steel, stainless steel, wood, etc., this can be obtained.

Applications in Workshops And Industries

Press brakes for sheet metal are mainly used in the machining industry. The implementations differ according to the demands of production as well. With the assistance of choosing the die type, the shape variations may be changed. Therefore, these are considered to be the most fitting services. Choosing the proper die configuration would fulfill the prerequisite with accuracy. There are various types of die designs available that can be applied in conjunction with the angle bent predetermined.

Metal and Panel Bending Process with Press Brake

The system operates with the help of the punch angle and the punch edge, which are respectively called the top and bottom tool by the hydraulic press brake. The bottom tool includes an open V shape on which the pressing force acts to get the shape and angle required. On the other side, bending is performed in various ways, such as:

● An electric motor operates with a mechanical press brake. In which the bending radii just come into contact with each other. It is universal software.
● Pneumatic brake press-Functions of air resistance
● Brake hydraulic press-Works on hydraulic cylinders
● Servo-Electric Press Brake-Servo-Electric Engine Works

Universal Hydraulic Press Brake Sheet Metal Bending

There are various procedure forms that can be done via it. By choosing the type of die to be used in the sheet bending unit, this can be achieved. In the lower part of the brake, the die, on the other hand, is normally mounted and some of the common die designs are:

● V-dies
● Bending rotary dies
● U-dying bend
● Dying at 90 degrees
● Dies of an acute angle

For bottoming, it is quietly challenging to cope. However, better results can be obtained by choosing the correct form of dying for greater accuracy and more efficiency of the universal hydraulic press brake.

Choosing a Universal Hydraulic Press Brake

The choice of a particular type of universal hydraulic press brake depends mainly on the material to be used, the type of operation, and the output rate. This universal bending machine is used for various types of farming operations using different types of molds. The various applications of different types of bending machines are further described. In fact, these are regarded as important components of several manufacturing industries. Therefore, they are usually used in a wide range of industrial fields, such as wood, metal, automobiles, rubber, plastics, etc. It can be used to produce metal plates for the front panel, back panel, and side panel of a computer. It is also used to make metal brackets, frames, and cabinets.

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