Main Applications of CNC Plasma Tables

Posted on Oct 8, 2020

cnc plasma table

The CNC plasma table is used to speed up the process of cutting conductive materials by thermal plasma jets. Typical materials that are cut with a plasma laser include steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, although other conductive metals can also be cut. CNC plasma tables are usually used in production workshops, in the repair and restoration of motor vehicles, in industrial buildings, and salvage and scrap work.

CNC plasma tables are usually used in production workshops, in the repair and restoration of motor vehicles, in industrial buildings, and salvage and scrap work. Because of the combination of high speed, precise cutting, and low cost, CNC plasma table cutting machines are widely used in large industrial CNC applications and small hobby shops. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the benefits, uses, and key functions of CNC plasma tables.


Functional Principles of the CNC Plasma Table

The basic CNC plasma cutting process involves creating an electrical channel from overheated ionized gas, i.e. the plasma from the CNC plasma cutter itself, which runs through the workpiece to be cut, creating a complete loop and returning through the CNC plasma cutter's floor clamp. This is achieved by blowing compressed gas at high speed through a focused nozzle towards the workpiece. An arc is then formed in the gas between the electrode near or in the gas nozzle and the workpiece itself.

The arc ionizes some of the gas and creates a conductive path for the plasma. As the current from the torch passes through the plasma, it transfers enough heat to melt the entire workpiece. At the same time, many high-velocity plasmas and compressed gases blow away the hot molten metal, causing it to separate, in other words, the plasma cuts through the workpiece.


Applications of a CNC Plasma Table

CNC plasma tables can cut iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals throughout the industry using plasma torches. The working principle of a plasma cutting machine is to create an arc through a gas flowing through a narrow opening. The gas can be shop air, nitrogen, argon, and oxygen. Wait until the temperature of the gas is so high that it goes into the fourth state.

Matter changes from one state to another by introducing energy, such as heat. In short, gas is blown from the nozzle at high speed, while the arc melts the component, and the compressed air blows away the molten component. Desktop plasma cutting machines are widely used in pressure vessels, automobiles, locomotives, chemical equipment, engineering machinery, steel structure construction, nuclear industry, general machinery, shipbuilding, and other industrial fields.

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CNC Plasma Table Benefits

● Versatility

The CNC plasma cutting table can be used for different types of metal depending on the project. With a plasma table cutting machine, you can cut a variety of metals of varying thickness, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, up to 2.5 inches thick. They are extremely efficient and can cut up to 200 inches per minute in many cases.

● Ease of Use

No complicated knowledge or settings are required to operate our CNC plasma table cutter. In the past, plasma stations were limited to large companies that could afford high prices. Thanks to technological advances, smaller CNC plasma table owners can now cut faster and increase productivity. Some plasma tables are so convenient that only one person can comfortably handle and operate the entire process.

● Speed ​​and machining accuracy

Precise cutting is one of the main advantages of CNC plasma tables, especially when continuously cutting different shapes, sizes, or angles with thin metal plates. Modern plasma tables are equipped with automatic height detection so that regardless of the material, they enable precise and high-quality cuts without changes or even the strictest tolerances. If you're still manually cutting metal, you're doing it wrong. The speed of the plasma table is five times that of the conventional standard cutting torch and can cut up to 200 inches per minute.

● Cost-effectiveness

With the help of one of today’s CNC plasma tables, unnecessary waste of material can be avoided and the material table can be used to the full. You can easily set the project on an effective grid so that the plasma table can use exactly the least amount of material, reducing waste, and generating more income from each material. As your cutting process is more efficient and precise, it also reduces the need for redundant workshop staff and lowers your business costs in the long term.  

CNC Plasma Table Size

Another thing to look out for in a CNC plasma table is production quality. For most businesses and hobbyists, most projects start on the plasma table once you have a CNC plasma cutting machine. So you need a machine that can handle your workload. This can mean investing in upgrading the workbench and plasma cutting machine so that you can keep the machine running all day and never affect the workload.

One way to find the CNC plasma table cutter that best suits your needs is to check with a local metal shop near you. They may have a CNC machine that can do anything they need. Chat with them and ask them why they think the machine is best for their workload. Keep your needs in mind and make an informed decision to determine which CNC plasma table type and size are right for your business and organization.


The Importance of Choosing the Right CNC Software

In a CNC plasma cutting system, the software is a crucial and sometimes underestimated element. It is a separate but integrated system. Whether you are looking at a CNC plasma table with a specially designed console or connecting a computer to a Windows-based software program, you should consider the learning curve of the person operating it.

Many operators prefer proprietary software written by specific manufacturers, especially certain machine models, but it may have a longer learning curve. Also, remember to consider the time and expense involved in software updates, installation and training, and recalibration after installing the update.


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