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Posted on Nov 6, 2020

Medical Component

Medical components such as needles and syringes are very common objects we will have when the term medical components are mentioned, but there are indeed a lot of other parts and components that are used in the sector but not well known by the public.

Since the beginning of the human civilization, our ancestors learn how to treat their wounds and disease by their learnt skills in order to survive in the wild nature, which is very cruel situation to people with meager knowledge of surviving.

How to survive and how to treat disease that were caused during their lifetime activities such as hunting, running, eating, making fire, etc, were so important to our ancestors then because that’s the reason why they can survive and that’s why their decedents can like here in the 21st century.

Many of their medical treatment involve medical components, devices, and even larger equipment, and even nowadays, we take the same logicality in our medical sector to make the treatment feasible.

The construction of medical components, say, medical equipment components, is as complicated as well as difficult just like people living in the old days, because many precision medical components are designed with specific purposes and the composition of them all require many professional protocols and safety concern as well.

This issue not only bothers us, but also bothers ancient people while they were alive in the past days.

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Professional Parts

In the medical component manufacturing industry, there are many parts and components which are super precise and highly developed in the medical industry. In the present article here we will only illustrate some of them and discuss more for further topics below.

Those are important consumable things such as filters, and there are some other things such as valves, pumps, micro pumps, micro motors, sensors, switches, connectors, converters, pressure controllers, modules, handles, locks, door closers, wheels, etc.

Many of them are casted products, and then are machined by professional automatic process. Still, some other are bent, or formed for further usages, and the entire process involves complicated equipment processes such as machine tools in a large extent.

The involved machine tool models are machine such as CNC turning machines, CNC milling centers, CNC machining centers, and so on and so forth. Machines that are able to process the targeted highly precision work pieces are always very advanced in the era, and the controlling systems are mostly of computer based systems today.

And now we will take a look at some popular machine tools that are used in various kinds of metal working processing with versatility.


Turning Process for Medical Parts

In the old days we refer turning machine as lathe, while the name is now with more variants, such as turning machine.

A CNC turning center is also called a CNC turning machine, that is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on an axis of rotation to perform various machining operations such as cutting, knurling, sanding, drilling, deformation, facing, and turning for medical products’ molds such as the injection molds for plastics based disposal one-time consumables.

Such machining are conducted with tools that are applied to the work piece and to create an object with symmetry with the axis which is driven by the primary spindle if there are more than one spindle on the turning lathes, and this special also delimit the mold shapes since it has to be of symmetric shapes.

Therefore, there are suppliers of medical parts that use other machine tools to make their molds and dies such as milling based machines like milling centers, machining centers, or integrated mold cutting machines.

With the molds well formed through the professional cutting processes, a mold can be used in massive production model that would bring the maximum profits for the users in the medical sector.


Medical Mask Components

With the pandemic situation goes severe in the world, everyone who goes out tend to wear medical masks that are capable of protecting the users from the outside health threats that may menace the users’ health condition or even damage patients’ body organs in a very direct way.

Medical components that make medical masks are many, while there are some critical parts that can be discussed below. Mostly, a medical mask, or say surgical face masks are often made with non woven fabric materials. This material has better bacteria filtration functionality and air permeability functionality.

This material also remains less slippery than the woven cloth due to many surgical and medical concerns. Furthermore, the materials most often utilized to fabricate them are the thing that is called polypropylene, and the volume lays between either twenty or twenty five grams per square meter regarding the density.

With this density value the medical face masks are anticipated to cover one’s face with better protection and this it can help users to prevent some hazard situations.


Some other Critical Medical Components

Things such as the inner metal parts inside the X ray machines, or plastics based parts inside the other medical purpose devices are also in the inventory of medical components, and the scale is so wide that cannot be fully illustrated by words in one single article.

The main point here is, with the metal parts, it is about the metal treatment and the metal forging process. Some may also involve metal cutting processes that can help the components to be more resilience to the impacts and can last longer for the medical purposes.

All the parts and components of medical devices are important, and those large size and complicated medical equipment are very expensive and hard to be maintained, so the production of those parts and components is highly evaluated and inspected by people.

They want to make the best usages of those metal parts and components for the maximum benefits for the patients all over the world, so there are many world standards promoted around the market to help manufacturers to make their devices and machineries more reliable.

With the well managed cast iron and steel technology for the medical parts, now many after sales service engineers can work less hard to make those equipment working since the natural essences of them are much better now compared with the old days.

So that all the working protocols of the maintenance of them are now improved and even face lifted for a new model of working pattern and such new pattern can match to the new medical component and part usages according to the new industrial trend to not only the users, but also to the suppliers and engineering professional experts.


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