Perforated Metal Machine & Applications

Posted on Jul 3, 2019

Perforated Metal Machine & Applications

In the field of metal perforating, many perforated metal machines for making perforated sheet made in Taiwan can provide excellent quality and massive quantity output while maintaining a stable operating.

About Perforated Metal Machine

In the field of making perforated sheet, many perforated metal machines made in Taiwan can provide excellent quality and massive quantity output while maintaining a stable operating.

Suppliers in Taiwan produce various types of perforated metal machines, and through continuous improvement of the feeding mechanism and punching moulds, their machines can meet customers' processing needs for different perforation patterns and perforated sheet metal applications.

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Blueprint engineering

Suppliers of perforated metal machine are always happy to provide customer with technical advice and solutions regarding perforated metals manufacturing issue. There are a large number of perforated metal machine models for customers to choose from, such as plano type and C type perforated metal machines.


Plano type

The plano type perforated metal machine is suitable for massive production. This type of machine is good at working tasks of high speed and larger capacity with similar mesh perforated pattern.

In addition, the QDCS system can be used as very effective auxiliary equipment, enabling the machine to achieve better performance at a lower cost. Therefore, when used with the optional quick die change system, it can greatly improve the overall perforated sheet production performance.


C type

C type perforated metal machine is suitable for processing various mesh perforated patterns and adapting to various thickness requirements. In practice, when manufacturers need to produce perforated sheet products with various mesh patterns, the C type perforated metal machine is best for this task.

The machine is also equipped with an easy-changing punch dies, which saves a lot of time for changing the dies, and provides more working time for managers and machine operators. With the help of a quick die change system, business owners can also save die costs and reduce unnecessary resource consumption.


What is perforation?

Metal perforation is a common process in the metalworking industry. By definition, perforated metals are perforated metal sheets or coil punched with precision holes. Perforated metal machine suppliers in Taiwan can provide perforated metals with round, square, slotted or other shaped holes to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Many perforated metal mesh products are widely used in filtration, mechanical protection, sound insulation, and architectural applications.

Some suppliers may provide optional supportive facilities or accessories, such as leveler, de-coiler, flattner and recoiler. Using a good leveling machine, the plano type perforated metal machine can effectively produce metal mesh. In the process of metal perforation, unevenness or tilt edge issues sometimes occur, resulting in material loss. By using a leveling machine, the above issues can be solved well.


De-coiler application

In addition to the plano type perforated metal machines, the de-coilers can also be widely used in angel bead and plastor stop bead line, brickwork reinforcing mesh machine, expanded metal machine, chain link fencing machine, barbed wire machine, and razor barbed tape profiling machine.


Perforated materials

In the metalworking industry, perforated metals are also called perforated metal sheets, perforated plate or perforated screen. It is punched by manual or mechanical method and creates a pattern of holes, slots or decorative shapes on the metal piece.

Regarding materials, the materials used to manufacture perforated sheet include stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, brass, aluminum, tinplate, copper, Monel, Inconel, titanium, plastic, etc. In the late 19th century, metal screens were used as an effective means of separating coal on many occasions. The first perforators are manual punching of metal plates. This method has proved to be an inefficient and inconsistent method, which has led to the development of new technologies, such as punching metal with a series of needles to create the desired pattern.


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