Power Chuck & Clamping Forces

Posted on Jan 10, 2019


In the field of mechanical engineering, a power chuck is a specialized type of powered clamping device that is utilized to hold an object (usually the work piece) with radial symmetry, especially a cylinder-type item.

About Power Chuck

In the field of mechanical engineering, a power chuck is a specialized type of powered clamping device that is utilized to hold an object (usually the work piece) with radial symmetry, especially a cylinder-type item.

Application in the drilling and milling tasks

In the cases of drills and mills, the power chucks hold the rotating tool. For some tasks such as drilling process, in which an additional chuck may be installed on the non-rotating tailstock case.

Many power chucks may have jaws, which are arranged in a symmetrical pattern. The jaws are tightened up in order to hold the tools or work pieces. Usually, the jaws will be tightened or loosened by the help of a chuck key, which is a wrench-like tool made for this specific purpose. However, many jawed chucks, are of the keyless variety, and their tightening and loosening is by manual force alone.

As a result, the key-less designs provide the convenience of quicker and easier chucking and un-chucking, but at the same time, this designs have lower gripping force for the holding of the tools and work pieces. This issue may be potentially more of a problem with cylindrical than hexagonal shanks.

Application in the turning tasks

On the other hand, in the case of turning tasks in which lathe machines are the working machinery, power chuck is installed on the spindle which rotates within the headstock case.

Both work piece spinning and tool spinning machine tools are with some similar features while contains other distinguished machining characteristics. For, say, the lathe machine cases, the power chuck works together with the cylinder system to perform the clamping mechanism, and the assembly of the two decides the final precision and accuracy of the work pieces manufactured by the production line.

Compared with all the other machine tool models, turning machine (lathe machine) is one of the oldest kind that last for over thousands of years in the history. In usual circumstances, turning machines are categorized into two main types according to the way that clamp the work pieces.

Those are vertical lathe and the horizontal counterparts. For the former, the work piece is clamped vertically and the cutting tool is thus installed the same direction so that the machining is conducted vertically. This way the clamping is much more stern and fixed due to the gravity effect compared to the horizontal methodology and manufacturers of vertical turning machines usually made their vertical turning machines into great manufacturing facilities for users in a variety of industrial sectors that pursue for high precision, such as automotive industry, aerospace sector, sport equipment application, and other fields with larger size work pieces.

Power chuck clamping in the vertical arrangement

With the vertical clamping mechanism, the spindles of vertical turning lathes are also located behind the chuck, while some may be belt-driven, and some may be other types of driving mechanisms. Like other milling machines and machine centers, turning lathes can also be equipped with power tools as well as too magazines to boost its functionality and versatility, granting wider processing possibility and competence to users.

Power turret is a modern and standard accessory of many CNC turning machines, and as one of the most important accessories to the users of CNC lathes, Taiwanese suppliers aim at this business and have developed many well known power turret and power tool companies that supports the demands form lathe users all over the world market. Many of these power turrets are driven by single motor with servo features, which can assure the best machining effects and save the optimal energy consumption; at the mean time, they can also provide great rigidity onto the work pieces, rendering an ideal cutting performances. Besides the power turret, tool magazine and the automatic too changer (ATC) are also the best sellers of Taiwanese machine tool accessory suppliers.

Furthermore, Taiwan’s tool magazine and ATC system offers the optimal tool to tool time to customers based on their cycle time engineering, and can help manufacturers keep up with the order demands. Compared with the worldwide competitors, Taiwanese know how to provide comprehensive services to global customers with the best planning according to the local circumstances, hence the productions that are equipped with the machine tools or accessories are actually face lifted to the latest version that is modern to the order demands.

Spindles and chuck and the corresponding hydraulic cylinders are also well developed in Taiwan. Together with the CNC turning machine market, there are a bunch of lathe products and accessories that are widely spread in the world across different industrial sectors and practical uses.

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