Precision Machining by YINSH: 100% Defect Free & Punctual Delivery

Posted on Sep 29, 2020

Precision Machining by YINSH - 100% Defect Free & Punctual Delivery

The time of smart manufacturing has come to our era and the corresponding usages of precision parts becomes must have items for all the professional participants in the industry. Industrial insiders know that if they want to join and do the best of their works, they have to have the related technology as well as the hardware.

Precision Manufacturing

There are many precision parts suppliers and OEM/ ODM companies that rooted in Taiwan and export their excellent services to the world market. For instance, YINSH Company located in the central metal working supply chain is one of the most famous precision products suppliers of critical machine tool and plastics machinery components such as precision locknuts, precision parts, thread grinding, and track scrapers.

According to Vice President Jack Wu, the company has exported to over 40 countries so far, including nations such as Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, India, and the US. Based on the automation solution YINSH offers to its customers, their smart manufacturing system can track customers’ order; take care of every detail as much as they can.

Their international sales team breaks the barrier of technical communication with people and gets supports from the R&D department, product department, and also QC quality control department inside the YINSH plants. It is throughout the professional communication, they can have good results for the international customers.

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Manufacturing Condition and QC

YINSH takes strict standards on all the departments and the manufacturing steps. The R&D team, measuring step, and the manufacturing processes are all digitally monitored with their smart manufacturing integration system to make the optimum quality for the customer. The manufacturing plants are all clean, as they believe that it is good for the health of staff and also to the safety to all.

They treasure their employees very much. Many of them are highly educated professional young experts, and they worked at YINSH while they were students, so once graduated from the schools, they are already familiar with the machineries and the working modes there even they are still very young. Regarding the machineries installed in the plants, many of them are Japanese high end capital machineries.

YINSH team utilizes integrated working station that can work the whole process including turning, drilling and other machining processes just at one station. This measure helps reduce the cost and increase the productivity.


Material Preparation and Business Contacts

During the interview, one of the senior sales person responded that, materials are crucial for customers especially form the EU, while the cost for those materials and other issues may be an issue. Therefore, they have found alternatives as the solution. “16MnCr5 can be alternative to SCM 415, 42CrMo4 can be alternative to SCM 440, and these are the material category.” They said. YINSH can help customers deal with the material selection and go to the drawing step for even more flexibility.

Drawing is important and they evaluate the geometric accuracy and the dimensional accuracy in the drawing offered by customers, and then they will go with the material analysis, heat treatment, and the drawing details. After the drawing is settled down, it is the issue for the prices and the related purchasing conditions, the quotation step. For the trial order and sample order, even one piece is no problem for YINSH. If one customer wants to change the drawing or to re-design their parts, YINSH can cope with their requests.


Labs with High Technology

There are many important labs inside the YINSH plants. One of them is the metrology lab, which contains CMM for the final quality control. YINSH has six advanced inspection devices in the lab, and the brands are all famous and reliable ones such as ZEISS and MITUTOYO.

During the interview, it is shown that roundness tester and contour measuring system are conducted in the precision metrology lab, which is certified by the TAF, and many important issues such as temperature, humidity, and other critical conditions are controlled well in the lab.

As a result, customers need not to worry about the quality and accuracy of the test reports. Since precision parts are all custom based products, every detail and every part dimension are important to both YINSH and to customers. So with the strength of the lab, YINSH can make sure they are at the same page with their customers. The test reports for customers are assuring documents for customers all over the world.


Quotation Process Assisted with Smart Technology

There are two separate types involved in the quotation process in YINSH. The first one is small volume and the second one is the mass production. In the plant, there are many automation lines that are processed by automated production design, which is processed with smart manufacturing technology, so both small and massive volumes are accepted for YINSH.

Normally, ordinary manufacturers do not like small volume orders. Many of them may think that it is a waste of time to take care of the small volumes, and changing some details of the drawings just for a few numbers of the parts is hard to do. However, in the real time business, there is the need that customers only need only one or two pieces. It is hard to find suppliers such as YINSH who can do this for them.

YINSH is willing to develop long term partnership with customers so even if customers requested for some test orders, they will put them into their smart ERP system, and by the help of the high-end multi tasking integrated system, they can decrease the processing time and save a lot of costs for the customers within a reasonable time span.


Reasonable Prices

The materials and processing procedure of the parts will change the cost of custom manufacturing. YINSH knows exactly how to do with the customers’ needs regarding the price they can offer. Their sales team offers the corresponding prices which are acceptable to the world markets no matter it is a small volume or massive production order. YINSH can always cater that wide range of manufacturing requirements due to their smart ERP control of all the working conditions.


Automation Working Process

Besides the small volume orders, once YINSH has received the manufacturing orders with large amounts, their customers may also wonder how they can achieve such a good quality of all the pieces in a large number. This concern can be easily solved due to the fact that YINSH utilizes the automation systems a lot inside the plant.

With the same robotic arms and the automated production lines, these manufacturing devices make sure that the manufacturing process is still with high standard. With the minimal reliance of manual operation, the quality control issues can be held in a much steady level of standards.

So with a simple setup, the automation solutions in the YINSH plant can fulfill the orders of massive quantity production for their clients who may come from the aerospace industry, automobile industry, electronic consumables, and others. All these three sectors request for very high accuracy standards, because in these industrial sectors, safety issues are most important.

During the tour in the plant, it was shown that at the beginning stage the raw materials of a spindle part called “spacer” would go tempering. Then it is the grinding step, and then is the black oxide. In the end, they will do the further grinding and turning. After all the processing, they use the vacuum packing method to seal the work piece so there will be no rust issues possible. The clean the parts are cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine, so without hands involved that will not cause rusted issues, and the anti-rusted bags were used to pack those parts by the vacuum machines smoothly.


Punctual Delivery

There are eight factories in the YINSH. The eight factories give the great flexibility to the company to deal with all the risks and thus the risk control is well managed. Meanwhile, the management of all these facilities are important. With the IOT system, YINSH team has a good handling of their manufacturing plants from A to Z. YINSH experts do the digital transformation of the working condition of each plant and transfer them to the data center. Hence they know the status of every machine, no matter it is idle, running, or is stopped. All the status is shown on the screens in the control center.

With the screens, they know about the order details, specifications, piece numbers, and the working status, and this is a great leap in the industry. In the past, if customers asked them about whether the goods can be finished on time, they have to check with the managers of each department about the steps and the corresponding managers needed to check with the operators then.

All these manual data collection took time but now with this digitalized information integration, YINSH sales team can use smart tablets and smart phones to collect all the necessary information online, making the delivery planning punctual. All the online information available is making the delivery estimation and the actual delivery much more accurate. Now, the average delivery they offer is within 25 to 45 working days for general objects, while there are some the specified durations which is depended on the product types.



For YINSH sales team, there are pre-production, during production, and after sales services. YINSH service team helps customers to grab what exactly they need in order to have the precise access of their service capacity. The information are critical stuff like product types and the corresponding data, and they make customers know what kind of products, services, accuracy level, and other standards they can afford at the very beginning since they contact each other.

That’s why YINSH’s customers can always get what they need from them cause all the information is clear at the very beginning. After all that, YINSH even send satisfaction survey to customers to know their feedbacks. At the end of the talks, YINSH team stated the five letters QCDSP, which is the initials of the company’s spirit: Quality, cost, delivery, service, and promise.


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