Precision Spindle and Precision Processing

Posted on Apr 6, 2020

Precision Spindle and Precision Processing

The high precision spindles are mostly a high-speed spindle, designed and used in machining centers. In the field of machine tools, there are a variety of spindle designs that are specifically designed for various machining needs.

In the field of machinery, high precision spindles are a rotating axis of a machine, and usually has a shaft at its center. The shaft itself is called the spindle, but on the market, the term is usually used to refer to the entire rotating unit, including not only the shaft itself but also the shaft and any bearings on it. In fact, many different types of spindles can be installed on the machining center. The following are some popular models, which are introduced as follows:


The Direct Drive Mechanism

The direct drive is the oldest version of the spindle and has a simple structure. With a simple structure and rapid mechanical manufacturing, the direct drive spindle can be installed on heavy-duty machining centers, such as certain double-column models. Because of its high precision, low vibration, the same interface and easy replacement, the maintenance of the machining center is very convenient. The direct drive spindle has lower manufacturing costs and fabrication costs (assembly costs). The direct drive spindle can easily reach the high-speed level, achieve high-speed operation in a relatively short time, and have good dynamic performance.

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The Belt Drive Mechanism

Therefore, for radial and axle machines that require higher rigidity and higher dynamic rotation accuracy, belt-driven spindles are the best choice. Many belt drive spindles are applied to machining centers for multi-task purposes due to its high repairmen feature that allows for subtle modifications and adjustments.

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Comparison: The Motorized Version

The high precision spindles are mostly a high-speed spindle, and an electric spindle can easily reach high speed, and can balance between the adjustment in G1 and low vibration. Because it can be easily modularized, machining center manufacturers can more easily set up manufacturing models, and field operators can perform many modular processes based on blueprints. Most high precision electric spindles are noiseless and have high thermal stability. Despite the small size of the spindle, its power is very high and can be used for installation in small spaces. Therefore, it is also called a built-in spindle because it can usually be installed in relatively small spindle housing on a machining center. According to market demand, the design of the electric spindle has high dynamic rotation accuracy, so it can ensure that the manufacturer performs accurate cutting and boring in the machining center where the electric spindle product is installed.

In addition to this, the motorized spindle is also called an electric spindle because it is attached and depends on a power source. Generally, the high precision built-in spindle is a very unique feature designed in the blueprint, so it is the most widely used spindle model in industrial centers.


Precision Spindles for Grinding Machines

In the field of grinding machines, gear spindles are an option for those who pursue lower production costs. It has lower manufacturing costs and is easy to maintain. However, it has a high torque transmission function, which makes manufacturers who pursue compact manufacturing can not ignore this spindle. At the same time, the gear spindle is designed to have stable mechanical functions. Because of its relatively simple composition, it can achieve high-efficiency cutting. If other types of spindles are used for cutting, the cutting efficiency will be greatly improved. On the other hand, a machine tool may have multiple spindles instead of just one spindle, such as a spindle box and tailstock spindle on a table lathe (turning center). In this concept, the spindle is usually the largest spindle among all other spindle projects in the machine. When industry insiders provide the spindle reference without further verbal identification, the spindle will be implied. Some machine tools dedicated to mass production have 3, 5, or more spindles on the machine tool. Due to the installation of the spindle, these machine tool models are called multi-spindle machine tools.


Drilling Machines

This is an example. Gang drilling machines and many screw making machines use a multi-spindle design, allowing the implementation of many different spindles. However, this estimated size is not always the same. Although a bench lathe (bench turning center) has multiple spindles (if the tailstock is also considered), it is not called a multi-spindle machine. It has one main spindle and the rest are not counted due to other scale specific reasons that is supposed to be on the X axis for the machining. Regardless of whether it is a multi-spindle or a single-spindle, if this kind of spindle can be correctly installed on a machining center to perform machining tasks, even if the driving mechanism is different, the main purpose is the same.


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