Pressure Pump for Shower Buying Guide

Posted on Nov 17, 2020

Pressure pump for shower

Nothing is more obnoxious than having to put up with an interrupted shower. Whether you are waking up for a shower, or enjoying one before going to bed, drenching yourself in a nice warm shower is a real luxury. Unless, of course, your shower is getting enough pressure, indicating that it is perhaps time to install a pressure pump for shower.

To start explaining what a shower pressure pump is, we should first understand how a shower works. When the pressure pump is switched on, water is sent into the hose, or into the unit that is to be heated if you have an electric shower. In this case, the water travels upwards towards and through the shower head, providing the water spray-out.

For the water to travel upwards, it needs to act against the gravity, and this is where water pressure comes into play. A variety of water pressure (measured in bars) is required depending on the distance that the water is required to travel.

If the water pressure is too low, the spray coming out of the shower head will not be strong enough. And this is definitely not the desired shower effect.

A shower pump, also commonly known as the water pressure booster pump, is a small device which measures for about 30 centimeters in length (the sizes can vary in spite of the standard length) that boosts water pressure in your pipes by increase the volume of water pumped through your pipes.

The enhanced water pressure becomes visible at the shower head where the force of the spray becomes greater as the flow rate and pressure increase.


Do You Need a Pressure Pump for Shower?

It is actually not an easy task to determine whether or not your shower needs a water pressure booster pump. In most cases, a shower pump is obviously required if your shower has very low water pressure.

But sometimes things like large shower heads can affect the force of the spray, leading you to believe that the lack of a water pressure booster pump is the problem. Therefore, you need a systematic way to check if you need a shower pump. Follow the simple 3-step instruct below to check your water pressure:

  • Get yourself a 1 liter measuring jug and have a timer ready
  • Make sure that all of your appliances (especially washers, dishwashers, etc.) are switched off as well as taps.
  • Turn your tap on full and cold, and fill the jug to 1 liter and time it.

Now note down the time and simply use the calculation below to find out if your water pressure is good or bad:

60 / (time) = (x) litres per minute

If your calculated water pressure is low, then a water pressure booster pump for your shower is required.


Choosing the Best Pressure Pump for Shower

There are some factors you should take into consideration before buying the optimal shower pump:

• Pressure Rating:

When choosing your shower pump, you’ll notice that each comes with a pressure rating (indicated in bars), for instance, 2 bar shower pumps. A list of the common shower pump sizes that are available for you to choose from:

  • 1 bar shower pumps:
    These shower pumps are ideal for smaller shower heads.
  • 1.5 bar shower pumps:
    These shower pumps are ideal for normal showers need extra pressure.
  • 2 bar shower pumps:
    These shower pumps are also perfect for low pressure showers
  • 2.5 bar shower pumps:
    These shower pumps are typically required for power shower and larger shower heads, where a stronger flow of water at high pressure is needed.
  • 3 bar shower pumps:
    A 3 bar shower pumps are normally used for power showers and larger shower heads as well. Some showers also complements body jet and require higher rates of water pressure, which can be handled by a 3 bar shower pump.


• Build Quality:

Whether you are opting for an indoor water pressure booster pump or an outdoor water pressure booster pump, it is important to choose a solid and robust pump that can last the harsh conditions in an entire year.

The materials of the shower pump should be able to withstand varying temperatures. You should be able to see the relevant information in the product specifications.

• Single or Twin Shower Pump:

Next, you need to choose between a single shower pump and a twin shower pump. A single shower pump is designed to enhance just one feed. Although it can be used for cold water feeds or mixed water feeds, this type of pump is normally hot water feed.

A twin shower pump on the other hand enhances the water pressure in mixed    water feeds, which is why this type of pump is generally the more desired and    popular option.

• Installation:

Keep in mind that although many shower pumps are easy to install, others may require professional help as the installation process can be complicated. Even so, there is no reason why a DIY enthusiast can’t install a shower pump himself or herself as the household models come with enough resources regarding installation.

One thing to be mindful of is that make sure your warranty won’t become void if you choose to install it alone. Some manufacturers require accredited professionals to install the shower pump to retain the effect of the warranty.

• Warranty:

It is imperative that you acquire a water pressure booster pump for shower with the longest warranty. It will cover you in the event of any malfunctions related to device defects.

Keep in mind that the reliability of the warranty is just as important as the length of it. It is advised that all buyers read the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully.


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