Pros and Cons of a Heat Pump

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Heat pump

In people’s ideas, traditional pumps pressurize the system to increase the total efficiency of the whole system. When it comes to the heat pump, the table is turned.

The air source heat pumps aim to convey the heat through a certain mechanism, such as compressors, circulating systems that are mainly working with water. The goal is to transfer the heat from outside to indoor environments with an easy process. The advantage of air source heat pumps is saving energy with more power, efficient technology instead.

The process is expected to cause less electricity drain compared to the electric pumps. When in hot and humid seasons, you just have to exchange the unit with switches and the machines with air source heat pumps would serve as the air conditioners to save your day.

One way or another, the air source heat pumps have changed the way of living for humans in a way. For instance, as a substitution of other pump systems like fueling and electric machines, it is the most efficient way to exchange the temperature of air into cooler or warmer.

Although gas-fed heat pumps are way more efficient than any other systems, a great deal of carbon dioxide would generate from burning fuels and consider to be less eco-friendly. Plus, it is estimated that air source heat pumps are able to surpass the exchanging heat rate of the electricity can do. It also depends on the designs that air source heat pumps develop to be. Some models are able to generate more efficiency.

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The Price of Air Source Heat Pumps

Normally it could take a little bit of high price to make air source heat pumps happen. The installment of the entire system includes a series of steps, but price tags from different types of air source heat pumps would be in a wide range depending on your customized needs. Usually, these air source heat pumps would come in the gap between 7500 euros to 50000euros.

Also, keeping the air source heat pumps working needs additional costs. Please be aware that if you wish to switch the systems, perhaps like from gas to air source heat pumps, would cost you only a small amount of budget.

Most important of all, when installing air source heat pumps, please make it a one-time job and nicely done without any flaws. Different models are set to be generating different degrees of heat capacity. Make sure to ask the person who is responsible for your business thoroughly to each doubt.


Pros and Cons Toward Heat Pumps



  • Safety
    The air source heat pumps are much safer because they don’t consume fuels as the power source. That makes it less possible to ignite.
  • Lower running costs and maintenance
    It is way much less cost for air source heat pumps to operate than those systems that work with fuel. The efficiency is crucially related to money-saving. Being efficient means running less energy for the same result of the outcome. Despite its high prices for installing a single air source heat pump, it is more friendly to our environment and can save a great deal of money per year. Besides, the air source heat pumps have less the possibility of constant maintenance than the oil-fueling heat pumps. You are able to run the system check annually with your own effort. As for those professionals who help you with your installment, they shall appear and do regular checks every few years due to regulations accordingly.
  • Cooling
    The internal system of the air source heat pump machine is reversible. During the warm or even hot weather in specific seasons, air source heat pumps are able to reverse the unit to become a similar AC system. You can use it for a whole year.
  • Carbon footprints
    Compared to other systems, the air source heat pumps reduce much more carbon emissions and bring the world less heat pollution. Plus, they are more efficient to be operated.
  • Long Life-Span
    It is proved that air source heat pumps are more durable than other systems. It is approximately up to 40-60 years, while the average of other systems is between 12-18 years. Moreover, it provides a more stable heat resource and longer durability.


  • Permission
    Certain areas are still debatable to the issue of using air source heat pumps. It will have to fi the permission issued from different countries and regions to get one of them.
  • Installment
    A more complicated system indicates a more complicated installment process. Many factors have to be concluded, such as local geology and heat movement. If you’re looking for a ground source heat pump, you additionally need to consider geology. Also, while installing air source heat pumps, the requirement of your house facility need to be chosen wisely.
  • Higher cost
    If you’re looking for a budget for a cheaper system among the air source heat pump series, you might not find a proper price for your heat pumps. In the long term, air source heat pumps might save your money in annual cost and maintenance.
  • Significant Work
    Installing air source heat pumps could be a time-consuming and occupying piece of work during its process. It might cause damage to your existing house facility and construction. For example, there might be penetrations that go through your internal building cladding.
  • Cold Weather
    There are several cases that some air source heat pumps were reported to be generating observable damage within the cooling area. It could gradually harm the cold system, continually stop it from sending warm heats to its destination. The further solution to this problem is counting a newly upgraded development in the future.

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