Resistance Spot Welding Machine for Buyers

Posted on Jan 17, 2021

Resistance Spot Welding Machine

It is important that you know how a resistance spot welding machine works before buying or using one, which revolves around the process of resistance welding – one of the oldest welding techniques that have been around for centuries. Resistance welding, or spot welding, involves welding two or more sheets of metal together without the use of filter material.

There may come a time when you need to weld metal sheets to each other using a resistance spot welding machine, or simply a spot welding machine. Whether you are looking to procure one or are an existing user, this guide will help you as a buyer or user.

Resistance spot welding machines are a professional tool typically used by welding professionals. It is not difficult to learn but becoming proficient may take a little bit of work. Though this guide provides you with a basic understanding of the unit, it is advised that anyone should learn under a professional welder with close and controlled oversight.

How does the Resistance Spot Welding Machine Work?

It is important that you know how the machine works before buying or using one, which revolves around the process of resistance welding – one of the oldest welding techniques that have been around for centuries. Resistance welding, or spot welding, involves welding two or more sheets of metal together without the use of filter material. This is done by applying pressure and heat to the weld portion of the parts using shaped alloy copper electrodes which transfer an electrical current through the weld pieces. The material then metals and fuses the parts together when the current is turned off.

The electric current generates the welding heat, which is then conveyed to the workpiece through welding electrodes. Copper is typically used for the electrodes because of its high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance compared to many other metals. This ensures that the heat is generated in the workpieces preferentially instead of the electrodes.

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Purchase Advice for Buyers

Let’s first take a look at some of the factors a buyer should consider when it comes to choosing your first spot welding machine. It is never recommended that you proceed to your purchase without doing your research because you might end up with an unsatisfactory product.

To start, prices can differ depending on the brand and model of machines. While price is normally the major consideration for most when buying an industrial unit, do not pick one solely based on the price tag. The best thing to do is to make your selection primarily based on your needs as you will find that the welders in general come in a wide spectrum of functions meant for different applications. But that does not mean you should overlook your budget because these welders can be pricey at times. Buy smart according to your needs, and it will be worth every penny spent.

Where you buy your welder is also important. Some make purchases from welding machine manufacturers and some may resort to online platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, or other dedicated industrial sites. While it is possible to find a cheaper, second-hand option on some of the tech sites, make sure that the seller provides a comprehensive specification of the machine so that you can ascertain it relates to your needs. Industrial machines are not toys so do not let the price alone cloud your judgment. That said, the last thing you should worry about is whether your product comes with some form of warranty. Always check with the seller if it’s available before the purchase so you don’t end up having no one to turn to should anything go wrong with the machine.

Understanding Welding Hazards

Now whether you are an existing user or have just obtained a resistance spot welding machine, it is imperative that you understand the potential risks a welder can pose and how to go about the safety precautions:

Fire Explosions

Spot welders can cause fire explosions, and we are not exaggerating. When the machine is in use, sparks can fly off the machine, making contact with hot workpieces, equipment, etc., all of which can lead to fires and burns. You need to make sure that the work area is clear of objects (especially flammable ones) that may react to the sparks.

Electricity Shock

This is pretty self-explanatory. Do not touch any parts of a machine that can cause fatal shock or burns. This means staying away from the input power circuit of your welding machine when the power is on. Also, make sure that your machine is properly installed and grounded from anything that can lead to shocks.


Your welding machine is likely to be very hot when it is activated. So do not touch any parts of the machine barehanded. Allow a cooling period before working on your equipment. A pair of heavy, insulated welding gloves is always required when operating one of these units.

Fumes and Gases

The welding process produces fumes and gases, and breathing them for a prolonged period of time can be hazardous to your health. To prevent breathing in the fumes and gases, you can always wear an approved respirator, but what's more important is that your work area has an approved and reliable ventilation system that effectively removes fumes and gases. Also, welds near degreasing, cleaning, or spraying operations are not recommended because there is a risk that heat reacts to vapors and produces highly toxic and irritating gas.


Now that you’ve learned to choose your resistance spot welding machine and the safety risks that it can pose, the rest is to validate your needs and find the perfect unit. And as long as you follow an appropriate guideline, you should be well protected from any potential hazard during the welding operation. Always bear in mind that safety comes first. Last but not least, take into account who will be operating the machine. Do not let inexperienced operators use a welder because he may put not only themselves but others at risk.

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