Slide Head Swiss Type Machine Grants Maximum Milling and Turning Capability

Posted on Jan 30, 2020

Slide Head Swiss Type Machine Grants Maximum Milling and Turning Capability

What is Swiss-Type Lathe?

By definition, Swiss type turning lathes are special designs for automatic lathes that provide extremely high standards of accuracy and precision. A CNC Swiss style lathe uses chucks and guide bushes to hold the workpiece. The chuck is located behind the guide bushing, and the tool is located in front of the guide bushing, usually remaining stationary on the Z axis.

Tools Matters

To cut along the longitudinal direction of the part, the tool of automatic lathes will move in and the material itself will move back and forth along the Z axis. This design of action allows all work to be done on the material near the guide bushing. Because the guide bushing is rigid, it is very suitable for processing slender workpieces.


Compared with Conventional Lathes

Mill turn or turn mill refers to the process of machining using milling and lathe based machines. To be precise, mill turn is lathe-based machining while turn mill is milling-based machining. In the field of metalworking, program-controlled Swiss type lathes are also called CNC Swiss lathes. These are automatic and computer-controlled lathes that can rotate the workpiece in the X-axis rotation direction to perform various machining operations with the saddle movement, such as cutting, drilling, deforming, and turning. All these actions have a turning function.

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Symmetry and tools

In summary, these machining procedures are used for good machining with tools suitable for the workpiece, and create objects symmetrical to the spindle, which is driven by the spindle instead of the spindle drive usually located at the end of the workpiece or other multitasking tasks.


Naming of the Swiss type machinery

In the convention, Swiss type lathes are also commonly referred to as Swiss screw machines, CNC Swiss automatic lathes, and Swiss turning centers. Swiss type lathes is different from traditional lathes in some respects. The holding mechanism or collet that holds the bar material is not directly exposed to the lathe bed and the tooling. With this special configuration, it provides many benefits for this particular machine tool compared to traditional lathe models. Although the application of Swiss-type lathes is extensive and profound, there are mainly two industrial sectors that are the two largest customers in the market. These two areas are medical and electronic.

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Design of Guide Bushing

In most cases, conventional lathe models tend to use guide bushing designs. The purpose of the guide bush is to provide additional support for the stock material when machining or turning parts. As a result, the guide bush is tightly and firmly installed, but does not closely surround the bar stock. The support of the bar stock indicates that the function of the guide bush is similar to the fixed frame on the carriage of a traditional lathe.

Sliding head lathes are also called Swiss type automatic lathes, and usually have better tolerances on the parts. Because the turning operation of sliding head lathes will be conducted closely to the guide bushing, the guide bushing gives the turned parts rigidity if they leave the bushes. Until this stage, turning tools had been used, and the guide bushing provided significant rigidity to the blank. Sliding head lathes is very suitable for maintaining tight tolerances for the manufacture of certain objects. Although many machining tasks for Swiss type sliding head lathes can also be accomplished with turn and mill machine, the latter is a more general lathe model that can handle a wider range of applications. Due to the narrow range of applications, many industrial manufacturers choose to use turning and milling machines to handle the same order requirements instead of purchasing Swiss type sliding head lathes.


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