Smart Manufacturing & Rotary Table Indexing

Posted on Apr 24, 2020

Smart Manufacturing & Rotary Table Indexing

In the era of smart manufacturing, now Industry 4.0 and fast production are more and more integrated together into one combined idea rather than separated concepts industrial markets for industrial users in the markets.

With the surge in demand, there must be an agile machine tool work area, and machine tool manufacturers have been working hard to achieve this goal. Among the many components that meet these demands, equipment such as rotary tables, turrets, ATCs, and robotic arms are very productive means that can accelerate and help make the manufacturing process intelligent.



Nowadays, in the automotive and 3C consumables electrical fields, manufacturers who need to perform processing tasks in the 21st century tend to purchase processing centers for wider application. The machine tool is the most basic capital product of the manufacturer, and plays a vital role in determining the final output of the final product. Also, the quality of the machine tool becomes the key to the manufacturer's final product quality. Machine tool inventory changes from time to time. After inventing the machining center and program control system (CNC, computer numerical control), compared with the previous standard, the machining standard has become more and more strict. In addition to CNC machining centers, there are CNC turning centers, CNC milling machines, CNC tapping and milling centers, CNC drilling and milling machines and other custom machine types and designs.


Working Tables

Back to the topic, the rotary table (axis rotary table) is one of the most commonly used key components in machining centers. For modern industry insiders, the five-axis vertical machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can handle many types of milling and even drilling tasks on one working station. First, the concept of a machining center originated from a milling machine in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, the development of this particular type of machine tool has rapidly developed in the industry. Machining centers have been widely used in various industries and contributed a wide range of market value and commercial benefits on international platforms.

As a result, the milling process is a machining that uses an autonomous spinning tool to remove material by advancing the tool into one or more workpieces. This processing method can be done in different directions. In addition to drilling as a side function, the milling function of a machining center usually covers a wide variety of operations, ranging from a single small part to heavy and large material milling tasks. Similar to the high-speed vertical machining center, the high-speed horizontal machining center is an advanced technology. Due to the horizontal development, it can handle more complex cutting tasks. Currently, in the field of machining centers, the meaning of "high speed" means that the spindle speed is higher than a certain standard. The standard is not specific. In different countries, the standard may be different, and the industry may also have different demands.

On the other hand, for most Asian machining center models, high speed means at least RPM is higher than 12,000, while in Western Europe, high speed is usually referred to as RPM higher than 30,000. The high-speed horizontal machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can cope with various milling tasks. It is developed on the basis of horizontal milling machine tools. Since the successful development, the development of this particular type of machine tool has made good progress in the industry. The machine center has been widely used in various industries, and contributed a wide range of industrial and commercial value to the aerospace industry.


Rotary Table on Machining Centers

About how to form five axes, it is the same as the four plus one structure. All these mechanisms are processed under the control of the computer numerical control unit, so that the synchronized action perfectly matches the required accuracy. Therefore, in the operating environment, if the size of the workpiece is too large and exceeds the allowable size, the processing will cause excessive vibration to the machine body, and reduce the accuracy of the machining center. Neither the manufacturer nor the following production line is acceptable, so the manufacturer some other structural designs may be added to the body to make it with better rigidity during machining operations.

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Programmed Machining

In order to program the rotary table (axis rotary table) into an integrated machine with more axes, the CNC controller plays an important role. For example, in a plasma cutting machine, the CNC plasma cutting process has excellent cutting speed, piercing speed, and can produce extremely accurate cutting quality. It is certain that plasma cutting technology is just a system that can be designed for CNC machine tools, because there are many other cutting methods that can take advantage of other advantages.


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