So What Is CNC 5-axis Machining?

Posted on Jul 2, 2020

CNC 5-axis Machining

When someone uses the term "5-axis", it usually refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move a part or tool on five different CNC axes simultaneously. 3-axis machining centers move the part in two directions (X and Y), and the tool moves up and down (Z). The 5-axis CNC machining centers can rotate on two additional rotary axes (A and B), which help the cutting tool approach the workpiece from all directions.

5-axis return on investment

With a 5-axis CNC machine, you can shorten the setup time and increase the accuracy of each part. You are also expanding the capabilities of a machine shop to get more work. There often seems to be confusion about the term "5-axis" CNC machining center. Stores believe that they do not have work on 5 axes. Each workshop has work that could benefit from a 5-axis CNC machine because the 5-axis machining center facilitates 5-sided machining.

You need two things before you can start a 5-axis machine, and these things are passion and programming software. The 5-axis cutter is the standard 3 axis of the X, Y, and Z planes, except for the A and B axes. Here's a brief explanation:

X-axis = left and right

Y-axis = backwards and forwards

Z-axis = top and bottom

Axis A = turn right and left (horizontal plane)

Axis B = turn right and left (vertical plane)

Programming a 5-axis CNC machine that has a 5-axis machine may seem overwhelming, but most of the work is done programming with Surfcam or another CAD program. Watch the tutorials that we provide for Surfcam will help you understand how to program 2 and 3 axis machines and later 5 axis machines. The expression "go before run" definitely refers to 5-axis machining. Each mechanic must learn all the basics and understand how different metals intersect in different situations (e.g., babble and warping, etc.).

Most of the machining on a CNC milling machine is done by knowing the capabilities of the software and not holding back anything when it comes to imagination. The 5-axis cutter is very interesting and quite easy to understand after improving the basics of machining. The only way to be a great mechanic is to try different things each day, so by the end of the month or year, you'll know what works and what doesn't work in different situations. Following the program will show you a different approach to machining a 5-axis part. After learning this new skill, you can leave knowing that if you've really tried, provided you have the right approach, you can easily start a lifelong career by creating beautiful parts that you are proud of. Having a machine with these capabilities can be almost any part you can imagine.

Pride and passion have a lot in common with this. Programming can be very difficult and frustrating, and having passion will help you through hard times. Our task is to reduce these difficult times by half with the help of training videos that will guide you through the amazing journey of the milling machine. They will teach you techniques, thought processes, efficiency, and more. Our company's vision is to transform all mechanics who care about their careers into a 5-axis master or at least someone who can turn their parts into something they can be proud of.

After a while, all the machining becomes the same, and the 5-axis machine introduces some emotion to the industry. Be proud of what you do, and the only way to do it is to do the parts in a timely manner for your boss, and also make him look amazing, debunking him, having the specification, and refining it possible.

Clamping for 5-axis CNC machining can be difficult, but we've found that the 5th axis offers the best clamping solutions for multi-axis machining. Lifting parts off the machine's platter is essential to maintain clearance between the spindle and table, and to maintain unrestricted movement and movement of the machine. The 5th axis products use the RockLock system to allow you to solve the problem with a modular approach. This allows you to easily replace vices or pallet systems with one of the many bases or risers that keep the vise off the table and allow you to configure the work handle for the necessary clearances.

5-axis machining is amazing - but an additional two axes make it more difficult to avoid collisions compared to a traditional three-axis cutter. The software tries to fill this gap with intelligent toolpath verification software that does not limit the compromise you already have. Some software has been designed to work with all industry-leading CAM programs for tool path verification. This software offers the simulation of a specific machine and tool path to eliminate any chance of a costly failure. "5-axis simulation, visualization, and verification tools give you confidence in how your machine will behave before running one line of G code."

5-axis CNC machining provides endless possibilities in terms of sizes and shapes of parts that can be effectively processed. The term "5-axis" refers to the number of directions in which the cutting tool can move. In a 5-axis machining center, the cutting tool moves along the X, Y, and Z linear axes, and also rotates on the A and B axes to approach the workpiece from any direction. In other words, you can process five sides of a part in one setup.

Our simultaneous 5-axis technology raises the boundaries of the types of part geometries that can be machined. By enabling you to manufacture highly complex components in one set, our 5-axis machines arouse the imagination of engineers and change your overall capabilities.

●     Process complex shapes in one setup to increase productivity

●     Save time and money thanks to less equipment preparation

●     Increase throughput and cash flow while reducing lead times

●     Higher detail accuracy, because the object does not move on many positions

●     The possibility of using shorter cutting tools for higher cutting speeds and reduced tool vibration

●     Get a perfect surface finish and better overall parts quality


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