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Posted on Jan 23, 2019


In the mechanical sector, bearing is a machine component that is so essential that constrains relative movement to the desired motion and is responsible of reducing friction between the moving parts.

About Spindle Bearing

What is a bearing device?

In the mechanical sector, bearing is a machine component that is so essential that constrains relative movement to the desired motion and is responsible of reducing friction between the moving parts. The design of the spindle bearing may, off free linear movement of the moving part or for free rotation around a fixed axis. Meanwhile, it may also offer a motion by controlling the vectors of normal forces that bear on the moving parts. In sum, spindle bearings are designed to fit into the machine tool spindles that are structured to be mounted onto machine tools. As a result, all kinds of spindles are designed with bearings inside for the above mentioned mechanical purposes.

Machine tool spindle is one of the critical components of modern machine tools, spindles are designed in a wide variety of forms which is basically based on the driving mechanisms as well as other power systems.

Classifications of machine tool spindles

In the metalworking sector, there are mainly belt driven, motorized, gear driven, direct driven, built in, etc. Compared with other driving mechanisms, direct drive spindles are designed with stronger torque power, faster and more accurate activation, while is with larger area coverage.

Normally, a machine tool could contain several spindles, such as the headstock and tailstock spindles on a bench lathe machine, and the primary spindle is usually is the biggest one. Therefore, if the references to the spindle without further qualification imply that the targeted subject is the primary spindle. Some machine tools that specialize in the mass-volume quantitative production have a group of 4, 6, or even more primary spindles.

These are called multi-spindle machines such as gang drills and screw machines.

Direct drive motors

Nowadays, machine tools with DD spindles are usually designed with larger machine body so that they can accommodate with the larger and longer spindle body, which eventually offer greater machining strength onto the work pieces. Some spindles are specifically designed for certain models or machine tool types, such as turning spindles, milling spindles, drilling spindles, and so on. Only with an appropriate installation of the spindle, can machine tools able to perform the designed capacity. Aside the direct drive motors, examples of spindles include a wide variety of other designs.

On a turning machine (be it wood lathe or metal lathe), the spindle is the heart component of the headstock case. On the other hand, in rotating-cutter woodworking machinery, the spindle is the part component on which shaped milling cutters are equipped for cutting features (such as profiles of rebates, beads, and curves) into moldings and similar millwork.

What’s next?

Now, for manufacturers that need to proceed machining tasks in the 21st century, the machine tools are the most fundamental capital goods for manufacturers and play the critical role that determines the final output of the end products, and the quality of the machine tool becomes the key point of the quality of the manufacturers’ final end products. The inventory of machine tools varies from time to time.

New invention grants new value

Accordingly, now after the invention of the machining centers and the programmed controlling system (CNC, computer numerical control), the standards of machining become more and more rigid compared with the standards before. Besides the CNC machining centers, there are also CNC turning centers, CNC milling machines, CNC tapping and milling centers, CNC drilling and milling centers, and many other models.

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