Spindle Bearing & Bearing Quality

Posted on Jan 23, 2019

Spindle Bearing & Bearing Quality

In the field of machinery, bearings for spindle or any other mechanism are essential mechanical parts, which can limit the relative motion in the machine to the required range and reduce the friction between moving parts.

About Spindle Bearing

The spindle bearing plays an important role in the operation of the spindle, since the spindle installed in the machine tool has a high RPM speed, and requires a very good and stable ball bearings mechanism to make the ball bearings spindle work otherwise the running will become unstable. Spindle ball bearings are usually designed and made by professional manufacturers with excellent engineering capabilities and experiences.


What is a bearing device?

In the field of machinery, bearings for spindle or any other mechanism are indispensable mechanical parts, which can limit relative motion to the required range and are responsible for reducing friction between moving parts. The design of the spindle ball bearings can make the moving parts move freely in a straight line or rotate around a fixed axis. At the same time, it can also control the normal force vector acting on the moving parts to provide motion. The spindle ball bearings are designed to be installed in the machine tool spindle. Therefore, all kinds of spindles are designed with internal bearings, so called ball bearings spindle. The ball bearings spindle used in machine tool is one of the important components of modern machine tools. The spindle is divided into various types according to its driving mechanism.

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Classifications of machine tool spindles

In the field of metal processing, the main types of spindles are belt driven, motorized, gear driven and direct driven. Compared with other drive mechanisms, direct driven spindles can provide greater torque, faster and more accurate activation, and a larger machining range. Categorization of machine tool spindles can be seen in this site as we have also written many other corresponding articles about spindles, and most of all, there is no absolute spindle that can meet all the processing demands of the manufacturers as each type has its’ own advantages so buyers must know their own requirements before their purchase.

Sometimes a machine tool can contain multiple spindles, such as headstock and tailstock spindles of a bench lathe, where the primary spindle is usually the largest. Therefore, if there is no limitation, it means that the target object is the primary spindle. Some machine tools dedicated to mass production are equipped with 4, 6 or more spindles. Such machine tools are called multi-spindle machine tools, such as gang drills and screw machines.

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Direct drive motors

Machine tools equipped with DD spindles are usually designed with a larger machine body to accommodate larger and longer spindles, thereby providing higher machining strength for the work pieces. Some spindles are designed for certain functional machine tools, such as turning spindles, milling spindles, drilling spindles, etc. Only when the spindle is properly installed can the machine tool exert its capabilities. In addition to direct driven, the spindle includes a variety of other designs.

On a wood lathe or a metal lathe, the spindle is the central component of the headstock. On the other hand, in rotary cutter woodworking machinery, the spindle is equipped with a profiled cutter for cutting features (such as profiles of rebates, beads, and curves) into moldings and similar millwork.


What’s next?

For manufacturers in the 21st century, machine tools are their most basic asset and play a key role in determining the quality of output. Therefore, the quality of the machine tool and components such as spindle ball bearings become very important. Their function and performance need to be continuously improved.


New invention grants new value

Besides the improvements of spindle ball bearings and other machine components, invention of the machining center and computer numerical control system (CNC), making the processing standards have become more and more strict. These new and advanced machine tools include CNC machining centers, CNC turning centers, CNC milling machines, CNC tapping and milling centers, and CNC drilling and milling machines. All these high-end machine tools still need qualified basic components, such as spindle ball bearings, in order to perform their due capabilities.  


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