Tee Forming Machine Designed with Great Productivity

Posted on Jan 3, 2020

Tee Forming Machine Designed with Great Productivity

In the metal forming field, tee forming is a kind of piping and plumbing fitting process. Tee forming machines are for making fastening, fittings or adapters which used in the piping system to connect the straight sections of the pipes or tubes, adapt them to different sizes or shapes, and serve specific purposes such as regulating the flow of liquid.

Regulating purpose

These fittings are used in pipeline engineering to control the delivery of water, gas or waste liquid in pipeline systems in domestic and commercial environments. The installation of these fitting requires a lot of resources, such as money, time, materials and tools, and is an important part of piping and plumbing systems.


Tee usages

Tee is the most common form of pipe fittings. T-shaped objects are used to combine or distribute liquid flow so that the liquid flows in a specific direction.

The Tee fittings can provide female thread sockets, solvent-weld sockets, or opposed solvent-weld sockets, and a female-threaded side outlet, which can be used to connect a variety of materials. Tee fittings can connect pipes of different diameters and change the direction of the pipes. Tee fittings have a variety of options of materials, sizes and surface treatment quality.

They can also be used to deliver two different liquids to the same place for mixing. Tees' three connection points may be equal or unequal in size, with equal tees being the most common.


Detracting tee

Detracting tee is a special type of tee fitting joint, mainly used in pressurized heating systems. It can transfer part of the flow from the main line to the side branch pipe connected to the radiator or heat exchanger system.

The detracting tee is designed to allow liquid to continue to flow in the main line, even if the side branch is closed and does not generate heat. In other words, the detracting tee is directional, and its configuration must be properly planned and monitored to avoid confusion over the entire pipeline system.


Tee forming machine

Among tee forming machines, the collaring machines can be used to process a variety of materials, such as aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel, steel, etc. The tube branching machines can produce 10 headers with 8 mm outlets in one minute, thus achieving the highest productivity.


MFT system

The manual feed table (MFT) is a very user-friendly, safe, and ergonomic device for users. Its specifications depend on the collaring machine, and in most cases, the standard version is suitable for 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500 and 6000 mm long tubes.

In some cases, the manual feed table can also handle complex elbows. The toolings used to fix the tube depend on the tube end, and the toolings used to open and close the tube end are different. Using the manual feed table, the collar can be positioned over the entire length of the tube by using three optional drilled templates or by using a foot pedal mechanism with pneumatic brakes.

As an option for onsite operators, there is a digital positioning device with a display that provides excellent HMI. The tube can be rotated at a standard interval of 15 degrees, or it can be rotated at any degree by using different templates. For different working conditions, the template can be changed quickly and easily when needed.


Large size tee welding machine

Some large-sized tee fittings are used to regulate large amounts of liquids in the power industry. In this case, suppliers provide some special hydraulic presses as tee forming machines to meet customer requirements, such as special presses for elbows, tees and reducers that meet ASME, DIN or other standards.

The processing procedure is: First, the raw material metal piece is cut in a special form. Secondly, it is accurately placed in a dedicated mold and pressed. The machine will weld two parts of fitting finishing in a beveling machine to achieve better accuracy and joint connection. The welding method will be different according to user needs, so that the welding quality meets the corresponding technical specifications.

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