How Auto Deviation Calibration Systems Boost CNC Lathe Performance

Posted on Oct 10, 2019

The Basic Concepts of CNC Lathe

CNC lathes and CNC turning and milling machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry. To satisfy customers' requirements who are from different aspects, CNC machines will go with various types of equipment. Moreover, to achieve different customers' machining needs, The CNC suppliers usually are able to offer suitable plans for customers’ manufacture of workpieces, and it is the so-called turnkey solution.

More specifically, the Turnkey Solution is that the equipment manufacturers offer the programs, tools list, and related accessories, which are according to the workpiece drawing and requirement provided by the customers. For example, CNC machines can be used with the gantry or the robotic arm for the automatic loading and unloading, or use the cloud monitoring system to connect and monitor the multiple machines controller remotely.

This article will introduce one of turnkey solutions, the Auto Deviation Calibration System, which can increase the machining efficiency and better machining accuracy. The accuracy, the machine stability, and production efficiency are the most important keys of CNC machining processes. However, it is inevitable that due to comprehensive factors such as tools wear or the machine thermal deformation, will occur the downtime and reduce machines' production efficiency, machining accuracy offset, and materials waste.


Auto Calibration Solutions That reduce Machining Deviation

A CNC Lathe Auto Deviation Calibration System consists of a probe installed on the tool holder and a detection system on the controller. Before executing the program, users have to set the workpiece size value to the detection system and set the number of frequency of automatic measurement in the machining program. When the machine reaches the production quantity of the measurement conditions, the probe will automatically touch the finished workpiece clamped by the spindle, and the probe will send the workpiece size data back to the detection system. Then the system will compare with the initial size settings of the workpiece size, and it will automatically compensate the tool wears next.

The data which is detected by the Auto Deviation Calibration System is very accurate and reliable to the users. Meanwhile, the system can help the users prevent the waste of materials, the mistake of the manual measurement of finished workpieces, and the inappropriate tools wear compensation which is set manually by users. Moreover, the system will finish the workpiece measuring and the tools wear compensating at the same time, which can greatly reduce the downtime of your CNC lathe and increase the utilization rate.


CNC Lathe


Why A CNC Lathe is a Good Choice

CNC lathe is a machine that can use any of a variety of cutting tools to create a desired work piece shape while rotating a work piece called a stock at high speed. In addition, there are many lathes that can choose to temporarily revert to manual operation in case programmers cannot compose the new code. When you need to process some work pieces with the same size and shape and do not need a lot of intricate shapes, CNC lathe is the best choice.


The Versatility of a CNC Lathe

A CNC lathe, also known as a CNC turning machine, is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on a rotating axis (usually the X axis) to perform various machining operations, such as cutting, knurling, grinding, drilling, deforming, facing, and turning. This type of machining process is performed by using a tool that is applied to the work piece and creates an object that is symmetrical to the axis driven by the spindle.

CNC Lathe is one of the most commonly used methods in metalworking practice applications. CNC lathe is a machine with unique size and structure, different styles depend on their application. In terms of setting and operation, the handling of CNC lathes is much less difficult. Like other CNC machine tools, they have become an important part of manufacturing in recent years. A CNC lathe usually means that it is controlled by a computer. Once the machine starts, it will execute various turning paths specified by the program until it is completed. The CNC lathe can also be used with other machine accessories. CNC lathes come in a variety of sizes depending on the machining task required.

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CNC Lathe Can Be Useful for Everyone

CNC lathes are offered in more commercial value and more compact forms. At the same time, there are many CNC lathes for metal processing. CNC automatic lathes seem to be replacing many older lathes quite quickly, such as multi-axis lathes.

Most machines are sealed. This design is due to the safety and health of the operator. Make sure that the CNC lathe you buy can process according to your preferences, thereby improving the profitability and productivity of the enterprise.

Depending on the type of CNC lathe you have and your application, the machine tool you choose will vary, from a more basic metal processing machine to a sophisticated metal processing lathe for industrial use. Today, CNC lathes are operated by computers. They are usually used to remove excess material from the work piece and shape the work piece into the desired shape. CNC lathes can be particularly large. CNC lathes can process metals, depending on the project you are performing. CNC lathes are also excellent machine tools that enable you to produce customized work pieces.

If you are interested in buying CNC machine tools, please look through our recommended manufacturers, or contact us, we guarantee to help you find the most suitable CNC machine tool for you. CNC lathes may have a set of different tools, which can be automatically selected based on the design. By understanding the important things mentioned above, hope that you're able to handle the CNC lathe efficiently.

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