The Best Explanation of Taiwan Excellence Awards, “Better Life through Innovation.”

Posted on Apr 8, 2020

Every local company in Taiwan wants to be awarded with the Taiwan Excellence Awards. The companies come to their own in the field of research and development when they get this award. Through it, the government and local companies can work together and launch MIT products all over the world. TPRK_E series is manufactured by Walrus  which is awarded by the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Awards. Ecstatically, it is the first pump for industrial use to be honored with this award.

The TPRK_E series represents four parts, “Observation, Design, Innovation, and High Quality.

Though pump is only one component of the machine tools, Walrus “observes” the pumps in machinery equipments especially used in the industrial field should be manufactured delicately. The shut-down pumps would make the machinery equipments splash the fluid onto the floors and even cause some accidents.

Walrus “designs” the structure of three layer pump casing and puts the mechanical seal in the innermost layer. Then, the TPRK has backwater and seash plate to avoid fluid leaking from the mechanical seal. Moreover, TPRK series are very convenient to be repaired since they are of modular design.

Walrus “innovates” multistage design for the TPRK series in order to correspond to customers’ needs and create higher value for the customers.

The motors and the pumps Walrus manufactures are all made in Taiwan. What’s more, all the products are controlled strictly from design to manufacture according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality management. To make consumers feel more convenient to utilize the pumps, Walrus makes efforts to elevate the functions of the domestic and industrial pumps.

Set up over 50 years, Walrus’s tenet is “Better Life through Innovation.”This year (2019), Walrus has launched the industrial pumps for 20 years. Coincidently, the TPRK_E series Immersible Pump, also the industrial pumps, is awarded the 2020 Taiwan Excellence Award. This is the best feedback for Walrus.

In the beginning of Walrus, Walrus mainly focused on the domestic pumps. In 1989, Walrus started designing and manufacturing the motors by itself. Due to the motors done by Walrus itself, Walrus developed the first multistage centrifugal pumps used in the air conditioners. Furthermore, in 2015, Walrus is successfully approved by High Efficiency Motor Alliance of Industrial Technology Research Institute for IE3 Motor inside mark. Walrus continuously develops IE3-IE4 motor to improve the pumps efficiency and meet national IE3 efficiency standard.

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