The Common Features and Advantages of Milling & Drilling Machines

Posted on Aug 30, 2019

A milling machine and a drilling machine are a type of machine tool, which is controlled by a CNC system or manually operated. The machining process advances rotary tool to one or more work pieces to remove material.

The Common Features and Advantages of Milling & Drilling Machines

Milling machines and drilling machines are a type of machine tool, whose machining process advances a rotating tool into one or more work pieces to remove material, and can be controlled by CNC system or manually operated. Although today's milling and drilling operations are mainly controlled by CNC programs, since customized production is still quite popular, manual operation is still necessary.

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Multi-tasking machinery

The milling and drilling functions performed on a single machine can meet a variety of machining requirements, and the machining capacity depends on the different tracks installed on the axes, thus allowing the tool to move around the work piece. The number of axes depends on customer needs, there is no absolute optimal number, only the most suitable combination according to user needs. Unlike lathes, milling and drilling can cover a wide variety of operations, and the range of work pieces that can be processed is very wide, from single tiny parts to heavy and large milling tasks.

It is also similar to turning in some respects. Milling and drilling are the most widely used machining methods, providing precise tolerances within the rigidity standard. Because of its ability and effectiveness to shape and process work pieces with complex contour, the research and development of milling methods are highly praised in the industry, which is difficult to achieve with any traditional machining method.

With the development of milling and drilling technology, many processing methods have been extended, among which the most popular and widely used is the machining center. The machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can handle multiple types of milling, drilling, and even boring tasks simultaneously. At first, because of the growing demand of the US aerospace and automotive industries, machining centers were transformed from milling machines in the 1960s, and this trend has since expanded to other parts of the world.

After applying CNC technology to the milling machine, the development of this CNC based machine tool has made good progress in the entire industrial field. Since then, the machining center has been widely used in various industries and has made extensive contributions to the industry. Milling is the process of removing material by pushing a rotating tool into one or more work pieces.

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Multiple directions

This processing method can be done in different directions. Milling can also include a variety of operations, ranging from a single tiny part to heavy duty milling tasks. Similar to turning, milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods to provide precise tolerances.

Drilling is a method of drilling holes in work pieces that have already been cast or cut, such as drilling holes in ventilation ducts or rough drilling in engine cylinders. And boring can provide better diameter accuracy, and can be used to cut tapered holes with specific specifications. From a machining point of view, drilling can be viewed as turning of the inner diameter of the work piece. The drilling bar can be designed to be supported at both ends or only at one end.


High productivity

The research and development of milling and drilling methods are widely welcomed in the industry because they can effectively process work pieces with complex contours and diameters, which is difficult for traditional machine tools. According to this expectation, the concept of machining center was gradually formed.

The technical terms "milling and drilling machine" or "milling and drilling center" can be used to describe a wide variety of CNC machines equipped with some key but sometimes optional accessories, such as power turrets, power tools, tool magazine, automatic tool changer, automatic pallet changer, coordinate measuring machine, multi-axis worktable (such as cradle type waving A-B axis), etc.


Drilling performance

Unlike boring, drilling can be achieved on different machine tools, including general-purpose or universal machine tools, such as turning centers, milling centers, and machining centers. However, if one needs some specific functions such as fast drilling, deep hole drilling, broaching, etc., then a professional drilling machine is needed for such tasks.

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