The Critical Chain Component in Metal Machining: CNC Surface Grinder

Posted on Dec 7, 2018

The Critical Chain Component in Metal Machining: CNC Surface Grinders

In the field of metal processing, surface grinding is one of the most critical key steps in the entire finishing process.

The Critical Key in Metal Machining: CNC Surface Grinder Introduced

In the field of metal processing, surface grinding is one of the most critical steps in the entire finishing process. After forming, cutting and other complex processing, many work pieces will enter this step for further finishing.

The precision CNC surface grinding creates a smoother and more detailed surface on the work piece. It is a widely used abrasive processing technology. By covering rough particles on the surface of spinning wheel, a grinding wheel is formed, which cuts off metallic or nonmetallic chips from the work piece, thereby creating a smooth and detailed surface for the work piece.


CNC Surface Grinding (Grinding Machines)

In all grinding processes such as cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, centerless grinding, surface grinding has the longest history and is one of the most common methods in the industry. CNC surface grinding is a finishing process that uses a rotating grinding wheel to perform surface treatments on metallic or non-metallic work pieces. In the process, the grinding wheel is used to remove burrs on the surface of the work piece under the control of the computer numerical control mechanism to provide a fine physical state.

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Engineering Programmed

Through this finishing process, the required detailed surface will be obtained. The mechanical structure of the CNC surface grinder is composed of grinding wheel, work piece holding device and reciprocating table.

During CNC surface grinding, the holding device fixes the work piece in place. There are two types of clamping mechanism on the holding device: one is to fix the ferromagnetic pieces through the magnetic chuck. The other is for non-ferromagnetic and non-metallic pieces, which are fixed by vacuum or mechanical means. The clamping mechanism is crucial for the entire machining process, because only a rigid positioning and clamping device can accurately complete the machining task.


Factors Affecting Grinding

The key factors affecting precision CNC surface grinding include the material of the grinding wheel and the material of the work piece. Work piece materials can be aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron, and mild steel. Some of them are more stable and will not deteriorate and attach to the grinding wheel during processing. Others may cause corrosion during processing, so they are not suitable for complex processing.

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The Shape Determines a Lot

On the other hand, the grinding wheel can be of various shapes. Grinder operators can dress wheels for special purposes. It is worth noting that in the CNC surface grinding process, the shape of the grinding wheel will affect the reverse shape of the work piece, so the operator must be aware of the change in the shape of the work piece at any time, so that the grinding wheel can be modified immediately to maintain the grinding accuracy.

Since the surface grinder is a machine tool used to provide precision ground surfaces, it can be used for surface finishing or processing a specific small size. The accuracy of the surface grinder depends on the machine type and application. Most CNC surface grinding machines can achieve a certain grade of accuracy.



A precision CNC surface grinder is a machine tool used to provide precision ground surfaces. The accuracy of the surface grinder depends on the machine type and usage, but it should be ±0.002 mm on most precision CNC surface grinders.

The working table of the grinder can run longitudinally or cross the surface of the grinding wheel. Longitudinal feed and cross feed are usually driven by hydraulics. According to different uses, any drive method of manual, electric or hydraulic can be used. Therefore, the purpose and function should be clearly understood before purchasing a CNC surface grinder.

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Spindle Head

When grinding, the grinding wheel rotates in the spindle head and can be adjusted in height. Modern surface grinders are semi-automatic. The cutting depth and spark-out can be set in advance. No operator intervention is required during the machining process.

Magnetic chucks are usually used to fix work pieces on surface grinders, and the chucks can also be manually operated permanent magnet chuck. The machine provides a coolant circuit and the function of extracting metal dust, so the process will not produce dust that poses a health hazard to the operator.

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