What is Sawing: The Evolution of Sawing Machines

Posted on Oct 18, 2019

The Evolution of Sawing Machines

Different from the circular sawing process, the band saw machine is especially used in metal sawing and wood sawing. The horizontal band saw clamps the work piece, and the saw blade swings downward through cutting.

This design configuration is used to cut tubes or solid bars into a large number of the same length. Therefore, band saws are the critical cutting saws in most metal sawing workshops.

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Distinguished features

The circular sawing machine is abrasive. It uses a circular tool to perform the sawing process instead of using a sawing band. This leads to the unique sawing characteristics of the circular sawing machine.

Generally, a circular saw is a power saw that uses a toothed or abrasive disc set or saw blade to cut different materials through a rotational movement around an arbor. Similarly, hole saws and ring saws also use rotary motion, but are different from circular sawing machines. Circular sawing machines can also be used on the blade itself.

Circular sawing machines were invented at the end of the 18th century for agricultural use. By the mid-19th century, circular sawing machines were widely used in sawmills in the United States. Circular sawing machine is a processing tool used to cut many kinds of materials such as wood, masonry, plastic or metal.

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The inception of sawing

Before the Iron Age, cutting saws were composed of jagged natural materials, such as shark teeth, used for the manufacture or shaping of everyday objects. Such a saw can cut various materials. In history, there have been many different types of saws, most of which are made of natural materials. Later, craftsmen made bronze and iron saws.

In the late Iron Age, the frame saw was developed. The frame keeps the saw blade tensioned. Today, a saw is an artificial tool consisting of hard saw teeth, a wire structure or a saw chain with hard tooth edges. Saws are used to cut materials, which used to be wood, but now metal and stone.

Sawing is carried out by continuously moving the toothed edge against the target material. The driving force of the saw changes from time to time. In the past, it was mainly driven by manpower, and may also be powered by natural energy such as steam and water.

What Make Band Sawing Machine Productive?


Technology advancement

With the development of technology, the sawing power can come from electricity or other power sources. In addition to traditional sawing machine, there is another type of sawing machine called an abrasive sawing machine, which has a powered circular blade. Abrasive saw blades are designed to cut through metal or ceramics and have a higher accuracy than band sawing. Skilled technicians who know these two sawing methods have also used them in various metal workings, and the results and feedback tell people about this difference.

The traditional saws evolved into band saws, while the abrasive saws evolved into circular saws, or formally called a circular sawing machines. The structure of the CNC band sawing machine is composed of several critical elements. If one of them is separated, it cannot be sawed. Each element is closely related to the entire band sawing process.



The development of sawing methods can be traced back to ancient Egypt, when people used shark teeth as a sawing tool. By the time of ancient Greece, the Bronze Age saw blade was discovered in Akrotiri, which is about 3,700 years old. When using the hand to control the saw blade, the sawing result is always limited by personal skill. Later, other types of sawing methods appeared, involving many people to complete the sawing work. It is a mechanical machine-like sawing method. This sawing method is not driven by a motor but is manually driven, but it is more stable in operation and performance. Today, with programmed cutting, sawing machine equipped with CNC control systems can work more efficiently than any type of sawing machine in the past. The manufacturers of these modern sawing machines have added more intelligent components to these machines, making the entire sawing process smarter and more reliable.

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