The Functionality and Advancement of Bearing

Posted on Sep 26, 2019

The Functionality and Advancement of Bearing

When it comes to mechanical parts, bearings are vital mechanical parts that limit relative motion to the desired range and are used to withstand and reduce friction between moving parts.

What is a bearing?

When it comes to mechanical parts, bearings are vital mechanical parts that limit relative motion to the desired range and are used to withstand and reduce friction between moving parts.

The design of the spindle bearing can make the moving parts move freely in a straight line or rotate freely around a fixed axis. At the same time, it can also provide motion by controlling the normal force vector on the moving parts. In summary, the spindle bearings are designed to be installed in the machine tool spindle. Based on the stated mechanical purpose, bearings are designed and installed in various spindles.

The effect of reducing friction and loads is achieved by using at least three races to accommodate the balls, and therefore the load can be transmitted through the balls. In most applications, one race is stationary, while the other one is attached to the rotating assembly. The rotation of one of the bearing races causes the balls to rotate as well. Compared with two flat surfaces sliding, the friction coefficient of ball rolling is much lower. Bearing is useful tool that can help the machine operate normally.

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In the beginning

The development of the bearing concept can be traced back to the middle ages. One of the earliest versions is a rolling element bearing, which is a wooden ball bearing model that supports a rotating table. During the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci already used ball bearing drawings in the design of helicopters in the 16th century. Later, many European engineers were devoted to the development of mechanical bearing structures, hoping to increase the stability of the machine and reduce friction through the addition of bearings.


Industry 1.0

After the invention of the steam engine, the need for smooth mechanical operation became more important than ever. The first modern patented ball bearing was awarded to the British inventor and ironmaster. The inventor published the first ball bearing design in Carmarthen in 1794. This is the first practical modern ball bearing design whose balls run along the grooves in the axle assembly.

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Wide applications make success

In the recent era, the application of bearing devices has become widespread and popular. According to the target load, different temperature changes, contaminant exposure level and operating stress, there are various bearings specially designed and developed for different industrial fields.

Wind turbine bearings in the energy industry are a good example of the use of bearings in power supplies. In addition to bearings, there are many other parts in large machinery. The diameter of these parts may add up to two meters. The load may even reach hundreds of tons.

Similarly, in the machine tool and automation industries, the use of bearing components is the key to determining the final output and quality. These examples clearly show the role of bearings in current and future industrial technology. As one would expect, the automation industry and engineering technology will use more bearing devices on the machinery, such as robot arm joints, transmission components, etc.


The new trend of automation

Today's industry is changing rapidly. In the fields of automation and 3C consumables electrical, manufacturers who need to perform new processing tasks tend to buy machining centers with robotic arm accessories to achieve a wider range of applications. Machine tools are the most basic equipment for manufacturers, and play a crucial role in determining the final output and quality, while components such as bearings, robotic arms, and other automated equipment play an important role in the aftermarket. Innovative designs and applications will be fully utilized and will help increase processing and manufacturing speed.


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