The History of CNC Machining Center: Why And How Is It Developed?

Posted on May 1, 2019

The History of CNC Machining Center

In modern processing machine tools, the machining center is a highly developed machine tool that allows many precision machining tasks to be processed simultaneously on one machine tool. In the middle of the last century, the milling center was extended from the milling machine, and since then, this particular type of machine tool has made good progress in the industry.

The History Of CNC Machining Center: Why And How Is It Developed?

Machining Center (CNC Machining Center)

When it comes to modern machining, a machining center is a highly developed machine tool that can handle many precision machining tasks on one machine tool. In the middle of the last century, the milling center was transformed from a milling machine. Since then, the machining center has made good progress in the industry and is widely used in various industries, and contributes to the industrial field with its unique versatility.


Features of machining process

In the past, milling was the only function of the machine. It advanced the rotating tool into one or more work pieces to remove the work piece material. This processing method can be implemented in different directions. In addition to turning, milling also involves a wide variety of operations, ranging from a single tiny part to heavy and large milling tasks in heavy industry. Milling is one of the most commonly used machining methods, which helps machine users to obtain precision tolerances.


What is the history of this machine model?

Because of its practical value, milling is very popular in industry. Conventional lathes are relatively difficult to process work pieces with complex contours. Therefore, the idea of machining center has gradually formed. The term "machining center" can be used to describe various CNC (computer numerical control) drilling and milling machines, which are equipped with some key but sometimes optional accessories, which need to work together with the machine, such as tool magazine, automatic tool change device (ATC), electric turret, coordinate measuring machine (CMM), multi-axis working table, etc.


How to classify machining centers?

The classification of machining centers can be roughly divided into two main categories: vertical and horizontal, and of course there are some other structural types. The vertical machining center is arranged vertically, and the work piece is processed by cutting tools that move vertically. In contrast, the spindle of the horizontal machining center is placed horizontally, and the processing is performed horizontally. In a vertical machining center, the weight of the work piece will help to position it more firmly on the clamp to make a heavier vertical cutting path without having to worry about path deviations. In addition, with the help of a power turret, the tool change time can be greatly reduced. The shape of the work piece in the machining center is not limited to a circle, but can be a more complex contour, because it can be processed in a more efficient manner by carrying a powered turret.

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Spindle is a critical variable to machining centers

Spindle speed is a key factor in determining the performance of the machining center. For high speed machining centers, the speed (RPM, revolutions per minute) standard is different, and there is no clear definition. At the same time, although manufacturers in Europe, Japan and Taiwan have a certain level of consensus on the speed standards, regional differences are still significant. Therefore, when customers are looking for the best high speed machining center for their production line, they need to choose the correct solution through further discussion and description of the machining process and work pieces.

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