The Manual Band Saw for Any Occasion

Posted on Nov 19, 2020

Manual Band Saw

A handheld band saw can give you the edge when you need it most! It is a portable and useful saw for profitable cutting operations. To ensure peak performance, the handheld bandsaw has left the competition behind and continues to be a world leader in metal band saw technology.

Many industry-leading engineers are pioneering many comparable types of innovative products that have revolutionized the handheld band saw market. Many saws are characterized by utility, portability, reliability, and durability that provide excellent solutions to many sawing needs.

Some companies offer a wide range of handheld bandsaws for industrial use. From unique, portable band saws to 1100 meters. Miter Horizontal Straight Cut and Vertical Band Saws - many saws can meet your cutting challenges with solutions that will significantly impact your production results.

These saws are typically serviced by an extensive network of call-outs from technicians, saw specialists, and distributors. Best of all, all of these cold band saws and cutters are designed to use pre-built parts, so you can be sure to fix quickly if needed.

Few operations are beyond the scope of a manual band saw. If you can draw it, production is most likely possible. From multiple inline inventory feeding configurations to multiple sorting of outboards, most can do it.


Benefits of Manual Band Saw for the Industry

Handheld miter saws offer a wealth of possibilities for a price well below their production capacity. The handheld band saw has a square cutoff range of 9 inches and can cut an angle on each side from 90 degrees to 45 degrees with a stop 60 degrees to the right, and can cut angles up to 45 degrees to the left.

Saws can do everything else, only bigger! One saw has the same 90-degree cut-off capacity like a 9-inch diameter hand band saw, but also can handle a 9-inch square 90-degree angle. All the capabilities of these saws are approximately 25% greater than the same.

The two small handheld miter bandsaws are quite powerful for their size. With cast iron vices, trunnions and cutter wheels, these saws are designed to cover long distances. Get the toughest jobs done with 1 inch wide band saw blades.

Both the automatic saw and the manual band saw use a direct gear ratio to the saw blade drive wheels, which ensures greater durability and a reliable torque of the saw blade. The size of these two band saws may not be overwhelming, but their performance certainly is.

Convenience of operation is one of the factors that makes these two saws so popular. Thanks to the double adjustment of the screw vise, the material is fixed in the blink of an eye. The speed of the band saw is just a turn of the speed control knob.

These two saws also have an excellent saw blade speed range from 31 feet per minute to 275 feet per minute, enabling precision machining of a wide variety of materials, from hardened steel to soft aluminum and yellow metals.

Many companies offer a wide range of handheld bandsaws for almost any budget and performance. From a portable band saw for metal cutting to a massive industrial model, multiple saws will ensure years of productivity.


Why Choose a Handheld Bandsaw?

  • Cast iron arch and head - designed to resist vibration, ensuring accurate, professional cuts.
  • Electric Welded Steel Frame - The heavy construction of each horizontal band saw ensures the blade cuts straight and accurately.
  • High-quality components - have been built to ensure the reliability of our bandsaws from scratch.
  • Adjustable blade guides - The blade guides can run as close as possible to the material being cut.
  • Standard Size Saw Blade Included - These types of handheld band saws accept saw blade sizes that you can buy almost anywhere. Each machine is equipped with a blade for starting.

Is a Manual Bandsaw Right for You?

The hand saw allows you to control the cutting cycle at your own pace. They are ideal for small production and disposable series. Hand saws are often cheaper than semi-automatic or automatic saws. Do you need a saw that manages the cutting cycle without operator control?

Other kinds of semi-automatic band saws are checked out. Choose an automatic band saw if you need a saw that manages the bonding and transfers between cuts. Not sure which model you're in need of? The most common and commonly used entry-level band saws are handheld horizontal band saws.

A manual band saw means that the saw operator has to manually load the material into the saw, manually clamp the material and manually start the cut. When the blade finishes cutting, the machine will shut down.

Handheld Miter Head Bandsaws - If a miter saw ever requires a miter cut, the best and most efficient way to cut is with a saw with the head moving for a fast cut, with no material protruding in the store.

Portable Folding Bandsaws - When you need to move the saw around your store or work area, a portable band saw is an option for you! All of these saws can be moved by hand or carried with heavy-duty wheels attached to the saw.

Accurate, well-built and portable - the most versatile option for a contractor or manufacturer. Overall, manual bandsaws are the right machine for all your cutting needs and increase your production.


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