The most useful machine: Band saw

Posted on Aug 12, 2020

The most useful machine: Band saw

As the name implies, a band saw is a saw composed of a continuous metal band (called a band saw blade) that rides on two wheels that rotate on the same plane. The band saw machine contains a circular serrated blade that can be used to process wood, metal and various other materials. Depending on the lateral flexibility and the width of the belt, the band saw machine can be used for cutting straight, irregular or curved shapes.

However, band saws are often used to cut irregular shapes. The band saw produces a uniform cutting effect through the evenly distributed tooth load. These machines can be powered by many sources, such as wind, steam or electricity. The latter is the most preferred source today.


Bandsaws – Working principles

In the band saw, the details are fed to the cutting edge of the machine. The band saw cuts by pulling the metal band across the workpiece. The band saw is supported and driven by a drive wheel and tensioning wheel. Because each tooth is a precision cutting tool, accuracy can be kept within close tolerance. This eliminates or minimizes many post-treatment operations. In addition, chip removal is very fast. When the band saw is turned on, the operator lifts the saw and makes the blade fall onto the clamped material, cutting it while the band blade moves. The band saw turns off automatically when the cut is completed.

For cutting metals, you need a constant flow of fluid (called coolant) through the band saw blade as a lubricant to hold the blade, as well as prevent scale build-up or smudging on the blade. Coolants extend the life of the machine and increase accuracy. Sometimes brushes or brush wheels are used to remove the cut chips. Band speeds typically range from 40 ft p.m. to 5000 ft p.m.

In a vertical band saw, the blade is lowered onto the workpiece. In a horizontal machine, the workpiece is fed to the blade. The band saw is useful for cutting material to size and rough shaping. Contains a serrated blade that forms one continuous loop. The blade is stretched on two pulleys, the upper idle, the lower driven by a variable speed electric motor.

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Blade selection and installation

There are many different types of blades that can be installed in a band saw. They differ in tooth size, tooth shape, blade material, etc. If you are unsure of what type of blade to use for a particular task, the job selection knob can provide directions or refer to the manufacturer's manual or documentation. The material to be cut should have at least three tooth widths. Therefore, it is often best to cut thin sheets with scissors instead of a band saw.

Once you've found the right blade, you can cut it to length and weld it into a continuous band using a resistance welder built into the band saw. The upper and lower doors open to reveal the pulleys. The tensioner allows the upper pulley to be raised and lowered. Lowering the upper pulley makes it easier to install a new blade. The blade must fit properly in the upper and lower blade guides. After setting the blade, the voltage must be set and locked.

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Band saw operation

Before starting the band saw, set the guide / blade guard to the correct height. The less exposed the blade, the safer you will be. Always set the blade guide high enough to remove the cut.

The right cutting speed is very different for different tasks. For example, mild steel should be cut at considerably lower speeds than aluminum alloys. The job selection knob can help you choose the right engine speed for your job. To adjust the blade speed, the engine must be turned on. The engine speed can be changed using variable speed control while the engine speed is monitored on the speed indicator dial.

The right technique is important when cutting with a band saw. Do not lean over to work and keep your hands on the table.

One of the best features of a band saw is its ability to cut curved shapes. Keep your hands free from the blade!

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