The Mysterious Water Pressure Pump Can Be the Hardest Worker in Your Home

Posted on Jul 16, 2020

The Mysterious Water Pressure Pump Can Be the Hardest Worker in Your Home

Do you have low water pressure at home? Do you have low water pressure even though there are new pipes in your home? This can be due to many possible reasons. But if nothing you try seems to solve the pressure problem, it's time to consider installing a pressure pump.

Most often we, as professionals, find that bad water pressure is caused by clogged pipes. You need to check a few things to confirm if this is your problem. If you have newer pipes, start by checking the most obvious reasons for the route. For example, make sure that the shut-off valves near the water meter are fully open. Sometimes the problem is so simple that the valves are only partially open. After fully opening, check the water pressure. If your home is running on city water, you can check the pressure in your home by calling your local water department to schedule a pressure reading. Ideally, you want a 45 - 55 psi reading.

If you do not want to wait for someone from the department to come, check the water pressure yourself with a manometer. To do this, simply connect the meter to a water plug outside the house, and then turn on the water. You will receive instant reading. If your reading is low, the problem is probably the city line, not the pipe. They provide water at low pressure.

It is now unlikely that the city will be able to increase water pressure production. So what can you do? Fortunately, the answer is quite simple - install a pressure pump. Fortunately, our team can help you with this!

The water pressure pump is basically a pressure booster. Used to increase the pressure of water entering your home. Low water pressure can come from the municipal network or can meet those who are admitted into the well, but you can easily solve this problem by installing a pressure pump.  These pumps can instantly and easily increase the water pressure coming out of all your taps and devices.

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The water pressure pump works very simply with the expansion tank closed. Basically he has a pressure bladder. So, when the pump draws water into the tank, it draws it into the side of the bladder. This then compresses the air in the bladder, causing the water to be under greater pressure.

To activate the system, the booster pumps are operated manually or via an on-demand system. For a manual system, just turn the switch to increase the water pressure throughout the house. On the other hand, for an on-demand system, the pump monitors the water system and turns on when more water is needed. The on-demand system is more convenient; however, it has a higher price.

Each element of the pressure pump system is specially designed to work as one harmonious unit. They are inexpensive, easy to install and provide quick results. So if the water pressure in your home does not meet your needs or standards, maybe it's time to improve your system a little.

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What causes low water pressure in the shower?

Low water pressure on the shower head can occur for many different reasons.

The most common causes are:

Old piping can be used in the water supply system.

If you live in or near the city center, it is likely that the low water pressure is due to the water supply system. This is due to water supply systems in the centers of cities and towns that use much older pipes. It is also more difficult for local governments to replace pipes due to the disturbances that this would cause in the city center.

Your home water system may have undersized power cords.

One of the most common reasons for low water pressure is undersized supply pipelines.

This is common in older homes where the original hydraulic system is still in place. This will limit the amount of water entering the home and shower. Again, the replacement is very destructive, so probably previous homeowners have not fixed the problem.

Your home water system may be clogged

Again, if you live in an older house, you may be using an old iron pipe in your home water system. Iron is susceptible to rusting, which can break off and cause pipe obstruction. This problem often gets worse if dirt, gravel or sand gets into the system through older input pipelines.

You have a "flow restricting" or "water saving" overhead shower

One of the often overlooked reasons is the shower head. Modern showers often use shower heads that "restrict flow" or "save water." Flow restricting shower heads were first introduced by the National Energy Act in the United States. Many manufacturers in the UK have followed the example given by the US and are currently installing water limiters in an attempt to help homeowners reduce their water bills and stop people from wasting water.

Your shut-off valve is blocked

Another common reason for low water pressure is a clogged shut-off valve. If you just bought a new house or recently completed construction work, you should check that the stop valve is fully open. The shut-off valve is usually located under the kitchen sink. If you think the water valve is damaged, contact a plumber immediately.

How to increase the water pressure in the shower

If you are serious about increasing the water pressure in the shower, then you probably have to face the fact that you will have to spend some money (little, little).

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Well, if you checked that the stop valve is fully open and you are not using the "flow restricting" shower head, then it is likely that low water pressure is due to low pressure in the supply network.

Saying this, look at the list of solutions below. Start by trying out cheap and simple solutions. If that doesn't work, try the next solution.

Clean the shower

Before buying a shower pump or replacing pipes, first try to remove dirt and sand from the shower head.

Small deposits can enter the home water system through the mains and can often accumulate over time and reduce water flow on the shower head.

If you can't remove the headphones, you need a rubber band and a bag of sandwiches.

Fill the sandwich bag with vinegar and use an elastic band to attach the bag to the shower head. This should help remove limescale and destroy some of the sediment.


How much will it cost?

Cost - 10-15 USD

Installation - do it yourself

Replace the shower head

If your shower head has a special "water stop", you can find and remove it by following the instructions in the user manual.

By saying this, you are unlikely to be lying near the shower head instruction manual.

You now have two options.

You can either:

A) Hire a plumber to find and remove the water stop


B) You can buy a special low-pressure shower head

​A special low-pressure shower head is usually a cheaper option, especially if you look around first.

It is worth remembering that:

A) You still need to adjust the shower head

B) The new shower head may not improve the water pressure if the problem is due to the mains supply


How much will water pump cost?

Cost - 50-100 USD

Installation - do it yourself or contact a plumber

Install a shower pump

If you are serious about fixing water pressure in the shower, then you need to buy a high-quality shower pump.

The shower pump is a small mechanical device that is installed in a home water installation.

They work like this:

A) When the shower water is switched on, the pump is switched on

B) When the water leaves the tank and flows into the shower, it first passes through the shower pump

C) The shower pump then uses a rotor (like an airplane engine) to increase the water pressure before it reaches the shower

Installing a shower pump is an easy and effective way to increase water pressure in the shower.

If you want more information about shower pumps, read our complete guide on buying shower pumps here.

Note: It is illegal to add a shower pump directly to your water pressure. The extra pressure generated by the shower pump can damage the mains lines. In most cases, you will need to insert the brake tank.


How much will it cost?

Cost - $200 - $600

Installation - do it yourself or contact a plumber

Installing the cylinder without ventilation under pressure

The installation of a shower pump is a quick and effective solution, but the installation of a pressure, unventilated cylinder is a long-term solution that requires a review of the current hydraulic system. In particular, this involves removing the cold water tank and replacing it with a pressure cylinder that draws power directly from the network. This is a complex plumbing problem, so a highly qualified plumber will be needed to get the job done.

Often this method will require replacing the entire hydraulic system.

This can be a good option if you have an older home and want to upgrade and upgrade your water system.


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