The Origin of the Sawing Concept: History and Future

Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Sawing machine is a common cutting device in modern society, and it is used in homes and industrial sites, and has contributed to various products. The materials of the sawing tools are different, but there is a certain range and use as a reference.

Brass materials for reinforcement

In the sawing method, brass materials are adopted only for the reinforcement for folded strip along the back of backsaws. Moreover, to make the screws that in old days held the blade to the handle.

Steel materials

In the field of sawing, almost all types of saws are made of steel. Steel is popular because it is relatively cheap and easy to form, and most importantly, it is very strong. Whether it is a circular saw or a band saw, steel has proper characteristics for most types of saws.

Band saws and circular saws

In cases where the processing of circular saws is more or less restricted, band saws are different from circular saws. The band saw machine is especially used in metal processing and wood processing, and the horizontal band saws are the most popular model. The horizontal structure can clamp the work piece and the saw blade swings down during the cutting process, which facilitates the sawing process. The horizontal band saw design is configured to cut a large number of materials, such as pipes or solid bars.

Therefore, in most mechanical workshops, the band sawing is considered a key step of the entire metal or wood working line. However, the relatively large tolerances of band saws have led many consumers to use circular saw solutions.

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What’s the difference?

The circular saw machine originated from the method of abrasive sawing, which uses a circular tool for the sawing process instead of using a saw blade to complete the cutting mechanism. The design brings unique machining features, such as better tolerances and precision.

Source of power

A circular saw is a power saw that uses a toothed or abrasive disc set or saw blade to cut different materials through a rotary motion that rotates around the blade axis. Similarly, hole saws and ring saws also use rotary motion, but are different from circular saws.

The circular saw machine was invented at the end of the 18th century for agricultural use. By the middle of the 19th century, circular sawing machines were widely used in sawmills in the United States. Circular saw is a processing tool used to cut many materials such as wood, masonry, plastic or metal.

The inception of sawing concept

Some people may think that sawing technology will not be developed until a certain degree of civilization is established. Conversely, sawing equipment appeared before the Iron Age. Initially, people used jagged natural materials to cut daily objects. At that time, saws were used to cut various materials, and most of the various sawing tools were made of natural materials.

Later, craftsmen also made saws from bronze and iron. In the later period of the Iron Age, a frame saw was developed, and the frame can keep the saw blade tensioned. Today, a saw is an artificial tool consisting of tough-bladed cut, a wire structure or a sawing chain with hard tooth edges.

Today’s sawing

Sawing machines are like lathes and milling machines. Because the industry is constantly evolving, machine design needs to be constantly changing and innovative. Today, most band sawing machines rely on digital control to make cutting faster and more precise, and even perform more complex bevel cutting. Combining these advantages and needs, most modern metal band saw machines are equipped with CNC controllers to adapt to today's processing requirements and standards.

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