The Powerful Metal Cutting Band Saw

Posted on Oct 28, 2020

metal cutting band saw

Highly efficient metal band saw can cut through many types of materials. They are specially designed and developed for applications where it is beneficial to cut metal quickly with a carbide saw blade.

A metal band saw can cut through all types of Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, steel, and other difficult-to-cut materials, with great simplicity, precision, and most importantly, speed.

It is also designed to work with even the largest numbers of chips. You too can benefit from the performance and flexibility of these unique high-performance bandsaws.


Metal Cutting Band Saw Standard Features

Choosing such a bandsaw solution means investing only in the best: concentrated knowledge, highly flexible system engineering, and a whole host of interesting details as standard:

  • Frequency-controlled drive system ensuring smooth adjustment of the cutting speed
  • Automatic adjustment of the guide arm with hydraulic blade clamping
  • Full carbide capability
  • Fully hydraulic blade tensioning
  • Minimal residue
  • Extremely short cycle times
  • Large chip conveyor
  • CNC program control for various combinations of piece count and length

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What Are Some of the Optional Accessories? 

Metal cutting band saws are available in various models with the possibility of flexible modernization. Exactly to your specifications for even greater convenience, reliability and precision. For example:

  • Servo saw feed drive system
  • Bundle clamping unit
  • Belt slip monitoring

With proper accessories, you can enjoy a great many benefits with your Band saw blades . For instance, the new improved high-speed steel tooth edge provides a combination of greater hardness, greater strength, less vibration, consequently less heat, and better wear resistance; the Geometry with variable tooth patterns mathematically developed to maximize cutting performance; the excellent surface finish generates less friction and vibration which increases productivity; precision set for a smooth finish; maximum cutting performance thanks to the specially designed tooth structure.

You may also consider using improved tooth material developed for difficult tasks, which can be suitable for many applications due to different tooth styles. With the right accessories, you can have your band saw cut both metal and wood. If not, you may need to acquire two different machines.

Things to Consider When Using Metal Cutting Band Saws

Basically, because the saw blade needs to move in order to cut metal slowly through the work, the cutting speed always plays a crucial role. We can talk about the different speeds at which the blade moves along the workpiece in terms of FPM - feet per minute (sometimes also called surface feet per minute - SFPM).

The wood cutting speed range is wide, but the comfortable speed is around 3,000 feet per minute. However, the metal cutting range is around 300, which is a big difference. Another difference, of course, is in the blade itself. Moreover, please pay attention to safety. Some machines have exposed belts and pulleys. If you are building this or something similar, you should also consider building a cover for these moving parts.

When exposed they pose a threat. The goal is to build a speed reduction mechanism that will turn a wood-cutting band saw into a metal-cutting band saw while keeping the original wood cutting function. For this to be a useful mechanism, you need to be able to step back and on between the two speeds quite easily.


Things to Consider When Buying a Metal Cutting Band Saw

Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying a metal band saw:

● Size: The size of your band saw largely depends on the scale of your project. Also, pay attention to the size of the saw table. You want a unit that’s big enough to support any sizes of work pieces and the materials that you intend to cut. Make sure that you pick the right height for your table as well.

Variable Speeds: You want to choose a unit that has multiple speed settings. Most metal band saw these days include various speed options so that you can choose one that best suits your operation and the materials to be cut.

● Blade Angles: A decent metal saw blade should be able to cut at multiple angles. While the typical ones allow you to cut at 30 and 45 degrees, the more modern ones will allow you to rotate the vise up to 60 degrees. Also make sure that easy angle switching is enabled.

Portability: If you find yourself having to transport a machine from one place to another in your workshop, you might want to consider a metal band saw with wheel-portability. But make sure that you purchase a unit with wheel locks feature to prevent the machine from rolling off the stations.

Safety: Following what we already touched base pertaining to safety, you want to make sure that safety is one of your primary concerns when buying a metal band saw. This includes features like eye and ear safety equipment. Therefore, you want to choose a band saw with a variety of safety features in mind for the additional protection.

Furthermore, safety issues often revolve around the blades. When the blades are moving at high speed, they pose a safety threat that you should not neglect. This means that the idler and guide should be hidden in the saw frame by metal covers. Also, a blade guard is important for protecting the operators' fingers from dangers associated with sharp edges. It is advised to choose a metal band saw with blade guides that stay fixated irrespective of the cutting angle.

Coolant: The quality of coolant system is also important because it is associated with the likeliness of overheating from extended operations. Watch out for automatic shut-off when purchasing your horizontal/vertical band saw. The feature automatically stops the blade from spinning when you complete your cut.


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