Things to Consider When Purchasing a Semi Auto Band Saw

Posted on Oct 6, 2020

Semi Auto Band Saw

The band saw is an essential tool for any manufacturer. Over 150 years ago band saws were first invented in England and later patented in France. The blades of this machine consist of a continuous metal belt with sharp teeth along one edge, usually rotating around two or more wheels. Semi auto band saws can be used for cutting metal or wood but also some other materials.

There are semi-automatic manual and fully automatic band saws. The semi-automatic band saw automatically completes most of the tasks, such as clamping the material, starting the saw blade, starting the downstroke, and possibly returning the saw blade to the raised position, but the cycle must be manually cut once. Since the teeth of the semi auto band saw blade are evenly distributed around the saw blade, it can be cut evenly, making it an ideal tool for stable production. In this article, we will discuss the different band saw types while focusing on the semi auto band saw type.


The Two Common Types of Metalworking Band Saws Are Vertical And Horizontal

Semi auto band saws can automatically accomplish most of the tasks, such as clamping the material, starting the saw blade, starting the downward stroke, and possibly returning the saw blade to the up position, but it must be cut manually once in a cycle. Since the teeth of the saw blade are evenly distributed around the saw blade, it can be evenly cut, making it an ideal tool for stable production.

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Semi Auto Band Saws Cut Costs and Save Time Compared to Manual Saws

When compared with manual sawing tools, semi auto band saws reduce labor costs in each cycle by reducing the operator requirements. The operator can only open the vise after setting the blade speed and feed rate and place the material. The semi-automatic machine does the rest. The vise clamps the material starts the saw blade and the refrigerant, then the saw carries out the work, performs the cutting automatically, and returns the saw blade to its original position. After that, the blades and coolant are closed, the vise is opened, and the operator can push or remove the material. Since the cutting is carried out automatically, its accuracy is much higher than manual cutting, which can also extend the service life of the blade. Human operators tend to pull the blade down forcefully on manual machines, which heat the blade and cause the blade to deform. Semi auto band saws are more accurate than manual saws, longer blade life, and lower labor intensity. Semi-automatic belt saws are an excellent choice for manufacturers who want to cut costs and speed up production.


Fully-Automatic Band Saws Provide the Most Accuracy and Efficiency

For high-volume manufacturers, the best sawing solution is a fully automatic band saw. The cutting settings are preset and fully automated, even including feeding and chip removal. The automatic band saw can run all day without manual operation, can cut a large number of parts, and completely save labor costs. Multiple cutting lengths can be set, and finished parts can be automatically classified to allow multiple operations to be combined in a day's operation. One of two possible material loading methods makes this "set and forget" function possible: roll feeding or clamp feeding. The roller feed will cause the material to roll into place against the stop, thus keeping it still during the cutting process. Hydraulic clamp feed is usually more expensive, but this type can also be used for diagonal cutting. The automatic horizontal band saw is the most accurate and efficient saw. In the long run, they will save the most money by combining multiple jobs and cutting lengths and eliminating labor costs. This type is a prerequisite for high-volume manufacturers.


Which Type of Band Saw Should You Choose?

Semi auto band saws are very suitable for workshops and those who want to reduce costs by using manual saws. They are very affordable and provide effective cutting solutions. Fully automatic band saws can actually run all day long and are the best choice for those looking for a high level of reliable automation. The upfront cost is higher than semi-automation, but in the long run, it is worthwhile, it can save the total labor cost of loading and unloading parts between cycles.

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What About the Saw Blades for My Semi Auto Band Saw?

The three main types of semi auto band saws are bi-metal, carbon steel, and carbide.

Bi-Metal Saw Blades

The bimetal band saw blade covers the widest range of sawing applications. Companies and individuals who cut 95% of the following materials should use a bimetallic band saw blades: carbon steel, tool steel, structural steel, stainless steel, pipe/tube, die steel, angle steel, flat steel, and mixed metal applications.

Carbon Steel Saw Blades

There are two different types of carbon steel blades for semi auto band saws: Carbon Flexback and Carbon Hardback. Both Carbon flex-back and carbon hardback can cut the following materials: mild steel, copper, wood, plastic, cast iron, cork, brass, lead, furniture, re-sawing items, bronze, zinc, fiberglass, and non-ferrous metals. The difference between the blades is in the name. In Carbon Hardback blades, the teeth and backplate of the blade are heat treated to provide stronger beam intensity. Only the teeth on the carbon fiber back blade are heat-treated to provide a flexible backing suitable for contour cutting. Die steel, angle steel, flat steel, and mixed metal applications.

Carbide Saw Blades

A carbide band saw blade is your solution for using your semi auto band saw to cut through bimetal and carbon steel materials that will not cut. Carbide band saw blades have high wear resistance and toughness in cutting various applications, such as carburized steel, spring steel, high-speed steel, nickel-based alloys, carburized steel, composite graphite, high nickel alloys, titanium, inconel and other foreign metals.


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