Top 4 Investment Casting Companies

Posted on May 31, 2021

Investment Casting Companies

As with choosing the best tools for the matching applications, selecting the best companies and manufacturers to procure the right equipment or services is just as important to meet your production requirements. Read on to find out what some of your choices are in terms of investment casting.

What Are Investment Casting Companies?

An investment casting company is a business that manufactures, sells, or distributes investment casting or offers investment casting services. Manufacturers that produce complex metal parts in large quantities, such as automotive, aerospace, and firearm companies, often make their own investment casts or outsource the services with dedicated investment cast contractors. Therefore, it is often difficult to identify a company as a dedicated investment casting company because it is virtually always coupled with some product or final design. In the remainder of this article, we’ll introduce some of the top investment casting companies which can be defined as a pure investment casting company in the US. Also, investment casting should be used enough by these companies to generate the majority of their revenue.  

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Precision Castparts Corp.

Precision castparts is a leading manufacturer in large, complex structural investment castings, forged components, airfoil castings, aerostructures, as well as highly engineered fasteners for aerospace applications. They are also the market leader of airfoil castings for industrial gas turbines. As one of the top investment casting companies, Precision Casparts places an especially important emphasis on the quality and dependability of their products. They can surely offer you the best casting solutions for any critical applications.

Alcoa Corporation

Alcoa corporation is one of the oldest American metal companies that’s capable of making billions of revenue on an annual basis. As a global aluminum, bauxite, and alumina supplier, they also make investment casted components for jet engines, including airfoils and turbines made with titanium and nickel alloys. It is without a doubt that Alcoa Corporation has earned a solid footing in the aerospace industries, dedicated to providing vast engineered aerospace solutions. If you are looking to buy state value-added aluminum casts products, Alcoa is your best bet.

Impro Industries USA, Inc.

Impro is a global leader in manufacturing highly precise and complex casting and machined parts for diverse applications. Their products and services span across the industries, including automotive, aerospace, power, hydraulic, heavy-duty machinery, medical, and recreational. Aside from its renowned investment casting services, Impro also excels in precision CNC machining, milling, and turning with various metal alloys.

MetalTek International

Metaltek is another reputable metal casting manufacturer who excels in producing bushings, bearings, brackets, grate systems, pump housings, impellers and many other components and tools you can find in the industry. By employing a variety of casting, including centrifugal, investment, and sand casting, it can manufacture high-quality cast products that will certainly meet customers’ needs. Markets in which Metaltek’s high-performance metal solutions benefit include aerospace, processing, mining, nuclear power, defense power transfer, turbine engine, and process equipment.

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