Turning Capacity Assisted by Milling Performance

Posted on Dec 31, 2019

Turning Capacity Assisted by Milling Performance

In the metalworking industry, CNC turn-mill centre is one of the most advanced technologies in the global production line market. If the work piece size and related specifications are within the design of its chuck and cylinder, the turn-mill centre with advanced processing capabilities can usually achieve various processing mill drill tasks and milling machine task requirements.


Since CNC turning and milling centers are very common processing equipment in modern industry, especially in multi-tasking tasks, they are now usually CNC turning and milling machines, and their milling functions and capabilities have been added to the milling machine frame.

Programmable (CNC) milling and mill drill programming of turning procedures or even milling and turning milling machines are possible (multitasking). These are milling machines designed mill drill functionality.

This type of lathe is a complex programmed turning tool that can handle a series of complex cutting tasks and reduce cycle time within a relative cost range. The CNC turn-mill centre lathe is also called a turning machine, which is a machine tool that rotates a work piece on the x-axis to perform various machining operations, such as cutting, knurling, end face, and turning.

This machining process is performed by using a tool that is applied to the work piece and creates an object symmetrical to the spindle, which is driven by the spindle or spindle assembly. Among all the important lathe parts in the modern industry, the power turret is a modern customized part of many CNC turning centers.

As one of the most important parts for CNC lathe users, Taiwan suppliers are committed to this business and developed many well-known power turret and power tool companies, these companies can meet the needs of users in the turning process.


Power turret accelerate the process

Besides, with the power turret, a CNC turning and milling center or CNC turning center can perform not only turning, but also milling and multi-task machining tasks, which previously could only be done on a machining center.

In the assembly plant of turning machinery, many power turrets are driven by a single motor with a servo function, which can ensure the best cutting results and save the best energy consumption. At the same time, they can also provide great rigidity to the work piece, and achieve perfect cutting performance on the production line.

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Tool Magazine Matters, Too

Moreover, power turrets are usually equipped with tool magazines and automatic tool changers, which are also the best-selling products of Taiwan machine tool accessory suppliers due to their higher cost performance than global competitors.

In fact, Taiwan's tool magazine and ATC system provide customers with the optimal tool to tool time according to the planned cycle time engineering, and can help manufacturers to meet customers' demands firmly and steadily.


Complicated Cutting

Because complex curves and profiles require many machining requirements, one cutting tool cannot satisfy all kinds of the machining demands. Therefore, the dynamic turret and its automatic tool mechanism installed in the turret body can provide additional machining capacity to the lathe machining during the processing procedure.

Furthermore, because the cutting tools installed on the power turret can also be rotated by the servo motor installed inside, the milling performance of these power tools is not lower than that of traditional machining centers.

The clamping mechanism of the vertical lathe is introduced as follows. The spindle of the vertical lathe is also located behind the chuck. Some spindles may be belt-driven, and some spindles may be other types of drive mechanisms.


In sum

Like other milling machines and CNC machining centers, mill drill lathes can also be equipped with power tools and tool magazines like the milling machines to improve their functionality and versatility and provide users with more machining possibilities.

Machine tools are the most basic capital goods of manufacturers, and play a vital role in determining the final output of final products. The quality of machine tools becomes the key to the quality of manufacturers' final products.

The inventory of machine tools varies from time to time. The estimation of milling machines’ mill drill functionality is critical for milling machines’ processing and the construction of milling machines’ additional features affect the machines’ market sales. The additional features such as mill drill, mill turn, mill bore, are dependent on the customers’ demands.

Now, after inventing the turning and milling center, turning and milling center, machining center, and program control system (CNC, computer numerical control), compared with the previous standard, the machining standard has become more and more strict.

Speaking of machine models, although not as versatile as machining centers, they are also very powerful in processing various work pieces with complex methods, and are often used to customize specific tasks for projects.

Therefore, the accuracy issue is now stricter than ever. Consumers in the market demand have better quality, faster speed and shorter waiting time, so this trend becomes serious for manufacturers.

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