What Are Pressure Pumps for Bathrooms?

Posted on Nov 19, 2020

Pressure pumps for bathrooms

The pressure pumps for bathrooms, also known as the pressure booster pumps, are devices that enhance the water flow and water pressure in the plumbing system of the bathrooms. The pressure pumps for bathrooms are usually connected with pressure tanks, which are the containers for the interaction of the water and the air pressure.

A pressure tank can be divided into two halves, including the dry half and the wet half. Upon the dry half, there is an air fill valve that allows air pressure to come in. As for the wet half, there is a water inlet or outlet that lets water to be filled in or pushed out.

Connected with waterpipes, there is the pressure pump under the pressure tank, which provides force to the air pressure in order to make the flowing of water that is distributed to the water supply in the bathroom.

The pump is made of a cycle system, which delivers water from the suction inlet and promotes pressure through the pump shaft at the same time by the impellers and diffusers inside the pump. The impellers and diffusers in the pumps are the main components and make up multiple stages.

Each stage controls the flowing and pressure of the water, and the level of pressure would be increased gradually from the first stage to the last one. On the end of the pump shaft, which is beside the last stage, there is the discharge outlet that discharge the water to the pressure tank and makes the air pressure and the water interact. This cycle would be repeated several times as the pressure pump is switched on and off.


Why Do We Need a Pressure Pump for the Bathroom?

When it comes to the bathrooms, water must be the first thing you think of, because it is the indispensable necessity in the bathrooms. As we open the tap to wash our hands, the water should be pushed out by the pressure of the water tank, which should credit to the operating of the pressure pump.

Or when we take a shower, hot water would come out from the water heater, and the flow and pressure of hot water should be the same as the cold water, which is also controlled by the pressure pumps.

Without the pressure pumps, there would be only a trickle of water that is not strong enough to clean the dirt on your hands, or takes you more time than normal to wait for the hot water to come out and get cold when you take a shower.

Although the pressure pumps for bathrooms are the things we would usually ignore because they are such humble stuff, they play a vital role in the water supply, which offers what we must have in our daily lives. Therefore, the pressure pumps for bathrooms are definitely required for everyone.


What Are Water Flow and Water Pressure?

Pumps have a lot to do with the water flow and water pressure, since they are what pumps work for. These two terms sound like two similar things since they are related to the water. However, they are totally different depending on what they do with the water.

  • water flow
    Water flow means the amount of water that comes from a waterpipe in a period of time, which is usually within a second. The amount of water is described with liters, so the water flow represents how many liters of water flow per second. This could be seen in how big or small the water column is as we open the tap, or how long you can fill the tooth mug up.
  • water pressure
    Water pressure refers to the force or energy of water when it flows within the lines of water supply, or the force of water that coms out from the tap or the showerhead. Water pressure can be measured and defined by kilopascals (kPa), which is how much pressure the water is given when it flows. You can notice the water pressure by feeling how strong the water column is when you reach out your hand to the water.

How Does a Pressure Pump for Bathroom Work?

Whether a pressure pump is operated or not is controlled by the electrical switch. When the electrical switch is turned on, the pressure pump starts to work. Furthermore, as the tap is open, the water that receives pressure from the pressure pump would be forced out and provides people for washing or showering.

When the tap is not open, the pressure in the pipes would remain inside, and then cause the switch of the pressure pump to reach to the “off” mode, which means it is not operated.

As the pressure pump is turned off, there would still be water that coms out from the tap, but at that time, the source of water is from what is left in the small and thin pipes, which makes the water flows not as consistently as when the pressure pump is turned on.

As what the above introduction has mentioned, a pressure pump is a cycle system that makes the operating repeat again and again. This happens because the tap only provides a fixed amount of water every time it is open, which means the water in the water tank would not be all pushed out once the tap is open.

Instead, the remaining water in the water tank would receive pressure from the pressure pump and release water through the water pipe over and over, which is called cycles.


What May Influence the Water Pressure?

  • How far the water source is
    As the water is delivered from the water source to the water supply, the pressure would decrease as the distance increase. For example, if the water source is on the top floor, then the water in the bathroom on one floor below the top would receive higher pressure. Whereas, the very first floor which is the farthest from the top would receive the lowest pressure for the water.
  • How much the gravity works
    The gravity provides pulling force for the things above the ground. In other words, it lowers the water flow and pressure from the water source. The higher the water should be delivered to, the lower the pressure is, which makes the opposite effect to the pressure pump in the water supply system. Therefore, the gravity is one factor that may influence the water pressure, too.
  • How many addition systems
    The additional systems for water distribute the or lower the water flow and pressure to do other works. For example, if there is a water filter, which is used to filter the impurities in the tap water and provides clean drinking water to people, it may lower down the flowing of water, since there is a blockage for the impurities and the water as well. In order to deal with these problems, install the pressure pumps can help a lot.

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