What Are the Applications of Band Sawing Machine?

Posted on Aug 2, 2019

The Applications of Band Sawing

In modern industry, band sawing machine is widely used in a wide variety of applications.

What are the applications of band sawing machine?

In modern industry, band sawing is widely used in various applications. It is most commonly used in metal processing and wood processing, but can also be used to cut a variety of other materials.


Major advantages

Compared with circular sawing machines, the main advantages of band sawing machine is a type of cutting saws that has the uniform cutting movement and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes. The minimum radius of the curve that can be cut is determined by the width of the saw band and the curve.


Other specifications

In addition to the radius of the curve, the speed of the saw band on bandsawing machines will also vary, ranging from about 0.20 meters to 25 meters per second. Some bandsawing machines, such as a custom band sawing machine dedicated to extra-hard metal cutting, this type of cutting saws can run at a band speed of 76 meters per second, thereby increasing productivity.


Sawing direction

Metal cutting bandsaw is a band saw machine designed for industrial applications. They are suitable for cutting long work pieces, such as steel for construction and bars for machinery. The band saw machine has both vertical and horizontal structures, and the two structures have different advantages.


Horizontal band sawing

In the operation of the Horizontal bandsaws, the work piece will be clamped, and at the same time, the saw blade swings downward to cut. This design is used to cut long work pieces, such as pipes or solid bars, to a certain length. Therefore, most metal processing plants must be equipped with bandsawing machines.

However, horizontal design is not very convenient for cutting certain contours, such as curves or other complex shapes. Small horizontal band saws usually use gravity feeding. Industrial large scale band saws are usually hydraulically fed, and the descent rate is controlled by a hydraulic cylinder that deflates through an adjustable valve.


Components and parts of sawing

The operators of processing plants know that the chips generated during the processing are harmful to health. Therefore, metal cutting bandsaw is usually equipped with brushes or brush wheels to prevent chips from getting caught between the blade teeth. In addition, in order to cool the saw blade, the band saw machine must be designed with a cutting fluid circuit. The coolant fluid can wash away the chips while keeping the saw blade cool and well lubricated. On the other hand, the band saw machine controlled by PLC or CNC system can be partly automated. This type of band sawing machine is designed for mass production.

Some automatic band saw machines that equipped with digital control unit can not only cut faster, but also cut in a more precise manner, and eventually perform complex bevel cutting tasks. Therefore, most modern bandsaw machines are equipped with CNC controllers to adapt to today's processing requirements and standards.


Classification of band saw machines

In addition to the classification of horizontal and vertical machine structures, there are two main types of sawing machines in the industrial market: band saws and circular saws. Different to band saw machines, circular saw machines use circular tools to perform the sawing process, rather than saw band, so that the circular saw machine has unique processing characteristics.

The bandsawing machines are power sawing machines with a long and sharp blade. The band saw blades are composed of a continuous toothed metal band stretched between the wheels to cut the target material at a continuous sawing speed.


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