What Defines An Oil Country Lathe

Posted on Oct 18, 2019

Oil Country Lathe

The term 'oil country' refers to oil country tubular goods (OCTGs), the products made for the petroleum industry. According to PetroWiki, OCTGs include the casing, tubing, piping, and pipelines that construct the oil wells and gas wells. Oil country lathes are specialized in manufacturing such products.

Oil country lathes are a type of heavy-duty horizontal machine. These machines are massively engineered so that they can handle the processing of large-scale tubing and piping. The piping has a diameter that is often over ten to twenty inches. Consequently, the construction of an oil country lathe is rather unique compared to other heavy-duty lathe machines.

Oil Country Lathe Construction

In essence, oil country lathes are the typical horizontal lathe except that they have a large size and more rigid structure. The headstock consists of a chuck that connects to the main spindle. On the lathe bed, there is a semi-auto tool post. The cutting tool replacement system can be automatic or manual. The bed length is usually over 5 meters, which allows for longer tubing manufacturing. The tailstock serves as the primary support system when processing long bar stocks.


Heavy-duty Oil Country Lathe, S&J Corp

Why the Horizontal Style?

In the heavy-duty machining and engineering sector, the turning centers are grouped into two: the vertical lathes and the horizontal ones. As mentioned, oil country lathes belong to the horizontal style. The reason is that the OCTG workpieces are too large to be loaded and unloaded on a vertical platform.

Advantages of Oil Country Lathes

Similar to other CNC turning centers, oil country lathes can also incorporate a tool turret to improve their functionality and versatility. They provide the users with more processing options. For example, an oil country lathe can perform not only turning but also boring, and threading.

In addition to the processing possibilities, the machine is also versatile in its applications. Though the machine is designed particularly for OCTG products, tubing and piping are also used in the water supply network and other heavy industry applications.

Disadvantages of Oil Country Lathes

The two main disadvantages of using the oil country lathe are the high power consumption and the large space the machine takes up. That said, these two disadvantages are considered more of a necessary evil since the use of oil country lathes is inevitable in the petroleum industry, water industry, and other heavy industries.

Oil Country Lathe Suppliers in Taiwan


TNC-960, Myday Machinery Inc.

Myday Machinery Inc. is a Taiwan-based heavy-duty CNC lathe manufacturer founded in 1989. Their flatbed oil country lathes feature the double chucks on both sides of the machine, which allows for better workpiece clamping. The rapid traverse enables extra fast tool return.

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