What Is a Benchtop Mill Drill?

Posted on Apr 20, 2021

Benchtop mill drill

A benchtop mill drill is a combination of drilling and milling techniques on the same machine. Benchtop mill drills, as the name implies, can be placed on the table, and are suitable for small-scale productions while remaining optimal efficiency and accuracy during operations.

What is the milling process?

Before we can start discussing benchtop mill drills, we have to first understand the milling process. Milling is an industrial process that allows modeling in complex forms and trimming pieces away from the materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood. In order for milling to proceed smoothly, relative equipment such as milling machines is needed. Milling usually starts with a roughing cycle in which the removal of material is done in a relatively faster path. In the meanwhile, it will leave a sufficient layer of material for the following finishing stage.  

There are currently many different models of milling machines in industries that can perform milling. For example, some models utilize Computer Numerical Control to help with processing the workpiece. With the help of the CNC system, the milling machines can utilize the coded programmed instruction so that the job can be done without the direct supervision of an operator. Such features can help the industries save a lot of costs.

What is drilling?

Drilling is an industrial operation that will utilize mechanical devices such as drill bit to perform the cutting process. The drill bit which is utilized during the process will cut a hole of the circular cross-section in solid materials. Just like the milling process, drilling is also very important for modern industries. In fact, drilling is an essential technology in several applications of strategic or societal importance. For example, drilling can be used for oil extraction, gas, geothermal, and mineral resources. It is also very common for people to utilize drilling for underground excavation and the development of infrastructure. 

In order for drilling to work smoothly, people will require a drilling machine to do the work. There are currently several different types of drilling machines in the industries, and each of them is distinctive from one another. For example, there are some which are specifically designed for heavy-duty work, such as oil extraction. 

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What is a mill drill?

Mill drills are the type of industrial equipment which are considered to be one of the most versatile tools. They are a type of equipment that can cut along the angled tip as well as the outer diameter. Such feature enables the mill drill to perform several different operations, such as drilling, milling, spot drilling, chamfering, and the V-Grooving.

What is a benchtop mill drill?

Now we can discuss the benchtop mill drill. As the name implies, a benchtop mill drill, also known as a bench drilling milling machine, is a type of equipment that is very similar to the common mill drills. For example, the benchtop mill drill can also be used to cut along the angled tip as well as the outer diameter. Just like the common mill drill, the benchtop mill drill is also capable of performing a wide range of the operation, such as the milling and the drilling. What makes the benchtop mill drill distinctive from the common milling machine and the drilling machine is the size. The size of the benchtop mill drill is relatively smaller when compared with the common milling and drilling machine which requires a lot of space to store. Despite having a smaller size, it does not compromise the ability of the benchtop mill drill to perform all sorts of industrial works.

There are currently several different models of benchtop mill drills available in the industries. Each of them has its unique features. For example, there are some models of the benchtop mill drill which have the head and the column that is capable of adjusting 45 degrees to both the left and the right directions. There are also some models of the benchtop mill drill which are equipped with the device called the sensitive front wheel. The sensitive front wheel is a type of mechanical device which is essential for the process of drilling. It can also conduct simple milling operations. All of these features allow a benchtop mill drill to help enhance the performance of the machine and operation. There are also some models of the benchtop mill drill which are combined with a belt-operated drill press which is meant to achieve the flexibility needed for smooth operation.

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