What Is a CNC Turning and Milling Machine?

Posted on Dec 17, 2020

CNC turning and milling

CNC turning and milling machine is also referred to CNC lathe, which is a multi-tasking machine that covers several machining techniques, including turning and milling. This machine is able to achieve multiple tasks without transferring workpieces from one machine to another, which reduces the cycle time and helps enhance the working efficiency.

Do humans really understand the potentials of the metals? These malleable and ductile substances have brought so many goods into our lives. Without the metals, there would be no civilization. We can see metallic applications everywhere in our daily lives. For example, we use the steel to build the structure of the house. The coppers can be used to make the wires inside the cable. The silvers and golds can be used to make into coins for the storing of value. But it is the metallic equipment that makes a huge difference in our lives. With the machine, we no longer have to make or pack the products all by ourselves. This has not only saved us a lot of time but also cut down the cost. One of these equipment has proven it’s worth in the industries, it is the main discussion of today, the CNC turning and milling machine, or the CNC lathe

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What Is a CNC Turning Machine?

So what is the CNC turning and milling machine? It is actually two types of machine which utilize different methods to process the work piece. Let’s start by discussing the CNC turning machine. The CNC turning machine is commonly  viewed as one of the oldest and simplest forms of machining parts which is called lathes.  The CNC turning machine can be positioned in either horizontal way or the vertical way. The weight and the tolerance of the work piece will determine how the CNC turning machine is positioned. 

The main purpose of the CNC turning machine is to rotate the work piece. The CNC turning machine usually processes round-shaped work pieces. If required, it is also possible for the CNC turning to work on other shapes of the work piece, such as the squares or hexagons. The working process of the CNC turning machine goes as the work piece being held in place by a device called chuck. The chuck is the type of device which has the ability to spin at various speed of revolutions per minute. The process is carried out as the machine’s equipment moves into the work piece which is rotating and begins to shave away the excessive material parts to create the desired contour.

What Is a CNC Milling Machine?

So we have talked about the CNC turning machine. It is now to talk about the other type of machine as a part of the CNC turning and milling machine, the CNC milling machine. The process of milling is a unique metallic processing technique which is similar in the way of drilling and cutting. The main function of the CNC milling machine is to use the equipment for the function such as rotating and moving. In the meanwhile, the work piece has to be stationary. Just like the CNC turning machine, the CNC milling machine also possesses the ability to be positioned in either the horizontal way or the vertical way, depending on the weight and the tolerance of the work piece. Within the CNC milling machine, there are a lot of axes, which will in turn enable the CNC milling machine to cut the work piece at different angles for the creation of different shapes, holes, and slots. The CNC milling machine can utilize the spindle or the bed to maneuver the axes for the creation of the desired shape. 

What Are the Similarities between CNC Turning and Milling? 

Now we have learned the two types of the machine which made up the CNC turning and milling machine. Despite being two different types of equipment, they share several similarities. For example, both machines utilized a technique called subtractive manufacturing to remove the unwanted material parts from the work piece. Besides, both machines are making good use of the technology of the Computer Numerical Control. In order for the machine to function well with the technology of the Computer Numerical Control, the machine will need to be programmed to use the Computer-Aided Design software. This way, people will no longer need to spend a lot of time monitoring the equipment for fear that might be a man made error, which leads to less supervision needed during operation and minimizes human error. Both the CNC turning machine and the CNC milling machine are decent choices for the processing of certain metals such as the aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and titanium. 

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