What is a Hydraulic Shearing Machine?

Posted on Nov 20, 2020

Shearing Machine

The shearing machine is special shear and equipment for industrial press equipment with rotating discs and blades used to cut hard metal sheets and metal bars. The word shear is not describing cutting your hair!

It does refer to a high-pressure method of using sharp metal tools to cut metal sheets or bars. All metal shears use the same cutting technique, which features a fixed upper blade, a lower blade, and an adjustable clearance separating the two. When force is applied to the upper blade, it forces the lower blade to cut and split the metal into two parts.

We divide cutting machines into categories depending on the shape of the blade, linear or circular. Linear shears are designed to cut metal over 2mm thick and are operated hydraulically or manually for thinner metals.

Circular shears are used to cut round blanks and ring from metal and are driven by an electric motor. The best types of metals for shearing are bronze, aluminum, brass, and mild steel. Cutting metal is cost-effective and easy, so it is preferred in the industry and even at home.


Types of Shearing Machines

1. Bench shear

The word bench is because the machine is mounted on a table to increase its mechanical capacity. It is used to cut rough shapes of medium-sized metal. However, small table scissors have ground cutting blades and are lightweight, which makes it easier to make clean and fast cuts.

2. Guillotine Shear

This type of shearing machine means the machine is powered by hand or foot, and sometimes mechanically. The material to be cut is first pressed against the hammer, and the moving blade lowers and cuts the metal. mechanical shears consist of a knife table to place the material to be cut, a holding device to hold the material in place to avoid movement, a measuring device to ensure that the material is in the right place and the lower and upper blades to do the cutting.

3. Mechanical Shearing Machine

This type of electric scissors is designed to cut large pieces of metal regardless of their size. Alternatively, they can be hydraulically driven to cut metals that are too large for transport.

4. Throat-Less Shearin Machine

This means the metal being cut can slide freely around the cutter blade making it flexible. It is used for intricate cuts and curves.

  • Advantages of using hydraulic shears over mechanical models
  • Hydraulic shears are fast and accurate and make it easy to cut large amounts of metal in factories.
  • Hydraulic shears do not require much maintenance as mechanical models and are therefore cost-effective.
  • Hydraulic shears are usually compact machines and therefore take up less space, even though they exert the same pressure as mechanical shears.
  • Hydraulic shears protect the metal with contractions while cutting, thus ensuring smooth cuts and even 90-degree cuts. There is a wide range of hydraulic shears available on the market for all sizes of metals.
  • How to safely use hydraulic shears?
  • Always hire specialized operators on the machine
  • Keep the machine clean and follow the operating rules to avoid hazards.

Hydraulic shears are more efficient and easier to operate than mechanical machines, but should only be handled with care by qualified personnel. Many shearing machines have been designed with high-quality material to ensure durability for several years of use in harsh conditions without any failure.

The hydraulic swing maintains high rigidity and can operate at maximum efficiency as it has a solid, well-welded monoblock frame. This feature also helps to ensure a clean cut and high-quality service. It is used where modern design, durability, and production of 6-20mm thick sheets are required.

Advantages of the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine

  • The hydraulic workshop swing is user-friendly
  • Has durable blades
  • It has a front and rear sheet conveyor system
  • Easy installation and training is required
  • Ergonomic style
  • Low maintenance and therefore convenient
  • No damage to the blades and the machine during cutting
  • The hydraulic and electrical systems are easy to operate
  • Is designed for heavy loads


5. Hydraulic guillotine shears

This workshop machine is made of high-quality steel, has a solid structure, and ensures efficient operation. It is one of the frame construction machines designed for all types of steel welding. Its replacement is facilitated by equipping the hydraulic guillotine shears with a mobile workbench, a digital stroke display, and an optoelectronic safety device.

Depending on the nature of the processing requirements, the working pressure can be adjusted within certain ranges. Hydraulic guillotine shears have centralized button control, making them easy to use. This workshop machine is used in industries dealing with the precision processing of sheet metal and sheet metal.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears offer customers the following benefits:

  • Its steel welded frame construction provides good stability and rigidity
  • Sheet distortion is greatly reduced through the use of an adjustable shear angle
  • Has an integrated hydraulic system with a high degree of reliability and durability
  • Rectangular blades can accommodate up to four cutting edges for a long service life
  • Uses a hand wheel to accurately, quickly, and conveniently adjust the blade gap


6. CNC guillotine shearing machine

It is also widely used by customers all over the world. Like other shear machines, it is constructed of steel for added strength and rigidity. The sheet metal shearing device ensures precise sheet metal and sheet metal work thanks to vibration relaxation.

The applications of the cutters depending on the process requirements of the industry; mostly designed for heavy-duty to operate at maximum efficiency without failure.

The benefits for users of CNC guillotine shear models include:

  • Safe and easy operation
  • Reduced plate deformation thanks to the adjustable rake angle
  • Adopts advanced integrated hydraulic system for excellent reliability and durability
  • The handwheel clearance of the blades increases accuracy and convenience
  • It is important to know the uses of the scissors before purchasing. The obvious reasons are to avoid under or overworked equipment.

The specifications of each tool will always be submitted by the manufacturer for inspection so maintenance does not become a nightmare. The benefits of using a shear should match the industrial needs of the user. The shearing machine is usually a required piece of equipment for any firm with press equipment and metalworking in their workshop.


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