What Is a Magnetic Chip Conveyor?

Posted on Jan 13, 2021

Magnetic chip conveyor

The magnetic chip conveyor is equipped with a moving magnet which is mounted beneath the stationary plates to help attract ferrous materials such as the irons, nickels, and steels. Magnetic chip conveyor plays a very important role in chip management.

Back in the old days, people were having a hard time at surviving. Everything has to be done manually. They had to go out and hunt for the food. They had to gather the fruits and vegetables. They also had to find a place to shelter themselves. After the agricultural era, people can now settle at a place and civilization is born. A lot of useful tools and equipment are also invented. People now can rely on the carriage to move or transport the heavy cargos instead of carrying it manually all by themselves. Back to the modern world, life has become more and more convenient. We now have all sorts of tools and equipment to help us deal with the difficult task in life. But these tools are also important in the industries. Because of these tools and equipment, the industries will no longer have to do all the heavy duty by themselves. One of these useful equipment is the main subject of today, the magnetic chip conveyor

What Is the Conveyor System?

Before we start to explain what the magnetic conveyor is, we have to first understand what the conveyor system is. The conveyor systems are applied to several different industries these days. The conveyor system is utilized for moving the objects from one point to another or transporting materials at a distance. People can use the conveyor system to transport the objects in the field such as the industrial, the mining, the commercial, the pharmaceuticals, the packaging, and the truck loading. 

There are several benefits for the industries to adopt the conveyor system. For example, the conveyor system can be located, or set up, at practically anywhere. The installation of the conveyor system can also be very versatile. For example, it is possible to successfully install the conveyor system by the purchaser. If they require more elaborated models, the conveyor system can be installed to suit. This has in turn helping the conveyor system to be installed in wherever place is possible. It is also such a feature that helps the conveyor system to be greatly utilized throughout all sorts of industries.

What Is a Magnetic Conveyor?

Now that we know about the conveyor system, we can now talk about the magnetic conveyor before we move on to the magnetic chip conveyor. The magnetic conveyor is the type of conveyor which utilizes the moving magnets which are mounted beneath the stationary plates, tables, or other kinds of non-magnetic slider beds, to move magnetic materials, such as the irons, nickel, and the steel.  Magnetic conveyors are commonly used as the chip conveyors to take out the ferrous chips from machining centers. 

It is also possible to program the systems to conduct the process in the horizontal motion, vertical motion, or combinations. The magnetic conveyor can be beltless. It is also possible to utilize a conveying belt instead of a slider bed for the magnetic conveyor. Underneath the conveying belt, there is a rail which contains an electromagnet. The electromagnet is used to attract the ferrous materials such as the irons and steels to the belt. The magnetic attraction has also enabled a magnetic conveyor to convey the products upside down. 

What Is the Magnetic Chip Conveyor?

Just as I mentioned before, the magnetic conveyor is usually used as the chip conveyor. This way, we can easily understand that the magnetic chip conveyor shares the similarities with the magnetic conveyor. Just like the magnetic conveyor, the magnetic chip conveyor is also equipped with a moving magnet which is mounted beneath the stationary plates to help attract the ferrous materials such as the irons, nickels, and steels. 

The attraction of the magnet has also given the magnetic chip conveyor one of the same ability as the magnetic conveyor, which is the ability to convey the products or the materials upside down. The magnetic chip conveyor plays a very important role in chip management. Just as I mentioned before, the magnetic chip conveyor can be used for the ferrous material applications which produce the small chips and fines. Within the magnetic chip conveyor, there is a sheet metal belt which is stationary. Besides, there are also several small ferrous chips which are evacuated by the powerful magnets to rotate underneath the belt.

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