What Is a Mandrel Tube Bender?

Posted on Sep 23, 2020

Mandrel Tube Bender

A mandrel pipe bender is where the steel bar is inserted into the pipe as it is bent. This technique improves pipe bending without wrinkling or breaking the pipe at the bend point. Mandrel bent tubes are made on a machine such as a CNC mandrel bender, which is the perfect choice for bending thin tubes without any deformation on a very small radius.

What Is a Mandrel Tube Bender?

Bending mandrel with a contract manufacturer can be a fantastic solution when you need a wrinkle-free tube to be put into production to transport gases, chemicals or liquids under high pressure. Mandrel tube bending experts regularly deliver high-quality results according to customer specifications. The machine bends with the highest accuracy and precision in the industry.

Using a CNC bending machine, bends with a radius equal to the diameter of the pipe are obtained. It was the most popular request since OEMs, as the demand for stronger bends in the medical devices and semiconductor industries is increasing, seemingly day by day.


Do Not Tolerate Wrinkles

Wrinkles on bent tubes should not be tolerated for a variety of reasons. The wrinkle can fatigue both metal and plastic and can lead to cracks or material failure if the tube is placed in an assembly with high pressure of liquids or gases. Unfortunately, wrinkling is a common drawback when bending pipes and cables. Understanding the causes of this defect and finding the appropriate solutions to prevent the problem can ensure that the pipe is bent to the highest quality.

Pipe pucker can occur for a number of reasons. This can be as simple as pulling the pipe out of the clamp while it is under pressure. or the mandrel has not been pushed deep enough into the pipe for a smooth bend. Another common problem is that you just haven't applied enough pressure. Other problems may include improper wiper setting, worn wiper, wrong amount of lubricant, or too much play between mandrel and pipe. Mandrel bending with our CNC tube bender is a good way to avoid this - it is also a highly repeatable process. There are significant advantages to using a numerically controlled (CNC) bender to bend large quantities of metal pipes and metal pipes.


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How to Avoid Wrinkles When Using Mandrel Tube Bender?

The pipe mandrel bender is designed to avoid the problem of creasing along the inside of the pipes and tubing. The spindle remains in a fixed position as the outer one. Pipe pucker can occur for a number of reasons. This can be as simple as pulling the pipe out of the clamp while it is under the pressure of radius of the tube experiences pressure. This pressure causes the pipe to stretch into the desired bend.

There are many reasons you may be seeing wrinkles due to faulty tube bending, so you may need to experiment to determine the actual problem. One of the first things people usually do is pressurize the tube. It is understood that with more pressure, there will be no room for puckering on the tube as it should remain smooth the entire time you pull it.

However, if you increase the pressure and continue to wrinkle, there are additional factors to consider. Checking the pin deposition rate, amount of lubricant used, and condition of the wiper may also eliminate the problem. Or you may find that you are using the wrong mandrel for the type of metal you are trying to bend. Always remember to use a soft mandrel when bending hard pipes and a hard mandrel when bending soft pipes.


Reliable Mandrel Bending Results

Due to the number of defects that can be introduced during the pipe bending process, it can be more profitable - and easier - to work with experienced contract manufacturers. This way you reduce material waste. Technical specialists can ensure correct bending every time, based on 35 years of technical experience. Equipment is also recalibrated and serviced regularly to ensure accurate results every time.

Another major benefit of getting pipe bending services is that some of them have a class 100 clean room to ensure each pipe is bent using a clean process if necessary in your industry or operation. This service is coveted by OEMs in many industries where pipe contamination can ruin assembly systems or end products. By outsourcing your tube bending services to specialists, you get a reliable and durable bent tube that meets your requirements every time.


Pipe Bending – Accuracy & Repeatability

Pipe bending is the ideal solution for tasks where accuracy and repeatability are key. A mandrel bender is a rotary pull bender with the addition of a mandrel, which is a stopper that goes inside the tube when it is bent. Mandrel benders may also have scrapers to prevent the ripple generated at the beginning of a thin walled tube bend. Most mandrel benders are also equipped with electric / hydraulic power systems and automatic or programmable functions. Our mandrel bender can reach an outer diameter of up to 2.0 zaczyna and starts at around 2.5k. USD with one full set of tools for one size. 

The next closest real mandrel bender with real (metal) mandrels costs $ 46,000 without tools (dies, clamp, mandrel, etc.). We saw 3 starting machines from other manufacturers starting for $ 60,000 and 4″ machines for $ 112,000. Regular mandrel tooling is very expensive (a single die / mandrel / wiper can easily cost over $ 5,000 on 3 ″ + machines). Most of these machines are three-phase powered and heavy enough to require rigging for building installation. They do a fantastic job on a wide variety of materials and are ideal for high performance exhaust systems, hydraulic (cooling or intercooler) and construction applications. They are great at bending thin walls.


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