What is a Milk Vending Machine?

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

Milk vending machine

A milk vending machine is essential the vending machine that offers milk to the customers. When it comes to the milk vending machine, there are two basic types of machine that come to people’s mind, the ones that offers cartons or bottles of milk and the ones that offers the fresh milk.

The customers will have to bring their own container when using the fresh milk vending machines. The milk vending machines is also called milk dispenser ATM or milk ATM sometimes.


The Fresh Milk Vending Machine

The fresh milk vending machines offer fresh milk with a relatively lower price than the price of the milk cartons or milk bottles that are available in the supermarkets. Other than the economic benefit, the fresh milk vending machines are believed to be a more hygienic and environmentally way of selling milk.

The fresh milk machine is like a fridge which maintains the condition of the milk in an ideal temperature. It is environmental friendly because there is no packing to the milk and the waste is hence reduced.

The hygiene of the product comes from not only because of the preserve condition of the milk, but also from the process it is manufactured. In order to pack the milk into cartons or bottles, the milk has to go through multiple stations before it is sealed airtight in a package.

Though the quality control is strict for sure, there is still more of a risk that the milk exposes to potential contaminants. On the other hand, the fresh milk goes through fewer procedures before it is delivered to the milk vending machine and it indicates less chance of contamination.


The Milk Carton Vending Machine

The milk carton vending machines are the milk vending machines that more people would have been familiar with. It is basically the vending machine that sells cartons of milk to customers. The way this type of milk vending machine works is generally the same as the way other types of food and beverage vending machine works. The customers do not have to bring their own milk container and can have the milk right away.

This type of milk vending machine is commonly seen in places such as schools, office buildings or work places which other types of food vending machine are around as well.

The milk cartons or milk bottles can certainly be seen in a general beverage vending machine; however, there may also be the vending machine that sells only milk products because the milk may require slightly different environmental conditions to be preserved. The temperature inside a milk vending machine needs to be lower in case the milk goes sour.


The Components of a Milk ATM

A fresh milk vending machine includes a milk tank which contains around 500 hundred liters of milk. Depending on the models of the milk vending machine, the milk tank can be larger or smaller. There is usually an agitator in the machine and of course a cooling system to preserve the fresh milk. The other key components are the dispensation system and the payment system.

The agitator and the dispensation system inside a milk vending machine work to dispense the required amount of milk from the machine to the customers. The cooling system is the key component since the milk goes sour if the cooling system fails to function.

There is now the more advanced cooling system in this type of machine which serves to not only maintain the condition but also monitor the environment inside the system to further assure the quality of the products.

A conventional milk vending machine has a rather typical payment system which only takes coins. Cashes are taken by some more advanced vending machines. Nevertheless, the most advanced payment system accepts not only coins and cashes but also credit cards, plastic currency or other form of payment such as apple pay. This allows the customers to make the payment with more options and hence the machine becomes more practical and applicable.


Advantages of Milk Vending Machine

First of all, the quality of the milk can be better since the machine serves fresh natural milk with no preservatives or other additives. As mentioned, the milk has gone through less processes before it is delivered to the vending machine, it is more hygienic as a result.

With the self-prepared milk container, the purchase of milk from a milk vending machine is hygienic and environmental friendly too. No excess packing is needed and the customers can make sure the hygiene of the container by themselves.

In addition, the milk vending machine is easy to use as the vending machine has progressed through the years since it was invented. A machine as such is basically for everyone. Both the children and the aged customers can easily figure out how to operate the machine with the clean and simple layout of the controlling interface.

Furthermore, the milk vending machines can work 24-7. They do not need to take breaks or days off. The customers can get fresh milk at any time point of a day.

The most important advantage of the milk vending machine for most people is probably that it offers products with a reasonable pricing. The price of the milk tends to be lower because the operational costs are reduced and the products do not have to go through a chain of middlemen. As a result, the milk vending machines are at service in more and more places.


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