What Is a Mini CNC Lathe?

Posted on Sep 26, 2020

Mini CNC Lathe

CNC Lathes include a series of turning, multi-task, multi-process and semi / heavy duty milling machines. With the advanced software and the latest technology, ensuring unmatched accuracy. In this article we will show you the key features and the benefits of mini CNC lathes

The workpiece is held on the spindle while it rotates at high speed. A cutting tool or center drill traces the outer or inner circumference of the part to form the geometry. Tool does not rotate and moves in polar directions (radially and longitudinally).

CNC lathes are widely used because they can produce parts at a much faster speed and at a lower unit cost than CNC milling machines. This is especially true for larger quantities. Lathes are ideal for parts that have symmetry about some axis that may be clamped in the spindle.

The act of cutting a workpiece on a lathe is called "turning". Turning is a machining process used to manufacture cylindrical parts in which the cutting tool moves linearly while the workpiece rotates. Typically performed on a lathe, turning reduces the diameter of the workpiece to a specified dimension and produces a smooth finish on the part. A turning center is a lathe with computer numerical control (CNC). Sophisticated turning centers can also perform a variety of milling and drilling operations.


Uses of CNC Lathe Machines

In CNC turning, the part is mounted on a swivel chuck and material is removed with stationary cutting tools. In this way, parts with symmetry along the central axis can be produced. Turned parts are usually produced faster (and at a lower cost) than milled parts.

Typically, CNC lathe systems (also known as lathes) are used to create parts with cylindrical profiles. Non-cylindrical parts can be produced on modern multi-axis CNC turning centers, which are also equipped with CNC milling tools. These systems combine the high productivity of CNC turning with the capabilities of CNC milling and can produce a very wide range of geometries with (looser) rotational symmetry, such as camshafts and radial compressor rotors.

With CNC lathes, the workpiece is cut slowly. The result is a beautifully finished product or an intricate part. Because these machines are so versatile, they are used in many industries automotive, electronics, aerospace, firearm manufacturing, sporting, and much more.

A CNC lathe can be used to produce flat surfaces and threads, or in the case of decorative lathes, three-dimensional products that are quite complex. In any event, the workpiece is held firmly in place by one or two means, at least one being displaced horizontally. However, the material can also be secured with clamps or collets.

The range of CNC lathes includes a series of turning, multi-task, multi-process and semi / heavy duty milling machines. Thanks to the advanced software and the latest technology, ensuring unmatched accuracy. Offering machines with full turning and milling power resulting in the fastest cycle times.

The machine uses high-strength cast iron bed, optional 8-stage servo, fixed hydraulic chuck, LNC or Syntec digital servo drive, 5μ spindle control accuracy, new bed design to make chip removal more smooth.

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Key Features of Mini CNC Lathes

Turning centers offer a wide range of capabilities including tool lathes, large bore versions, two spindle models, live C-axis and Y-axis tools. This compact CNC turning center is now among the most versatile compact machines in the world. All S Series models are high-performance machining centers that are quick to set up, easy to operate, very stable, very dynamic and very easy to maintain. The modular design creates many configuration possibilities, allowing any S-Series base machine to be adapted to the unique needs of each customer, helping them to obtain the perfect individual solution.

The biggest advantages of this series are its small space requirements, the possibility of CNC turning at low unit costs, high quality of processing and high speed. These machines are ideal for education in schools and training institutions, and can even be easily moved between rooms.


Benefits of a Mini CNC Lathe

Like the MACH3 / 4 on a PC or the Syntec 21 or LNC 5800 series industrial controller, our mini CNC lathe and small CNC lathe use Hiwin's precision linear guides. Thanks to their compact design, these machines can be used in your small personal shop or as an industrial CNC lathe.


CNC Lathe Models and Technical Specifications

This series has perfectly matched high-tech modules that meet the highest requirements and customer needs. From Y-axis capabilities to barfeeding solutions, lathes offer a suite of productivity tools - because there's no such thing as too much productivity. Our S series CNC lathes, including mini CNC lathes, small CNC lathes and CNC lathes, have excellent technical specifications. Each lathe variant is delivered with a set of standard accessories and optional accessories are available from stock.

The technical specifications of the mini cnc lathe model are shown here. To see everything like technical specifications of all our lathes, please see below.


Applications of CNC Lathes in the Manufacturing Industry

The CNC lathe replaced all the old versions of the lathe. Its advancement affected all manufacturing and manufacturing industries. Not only did this reduce stress, it also increased productivity without sacrificing quality. It also saves time and labor. The lathe was developed by John T. Parsons in the late 1940's. CNC lathes are designed in such a way that they can perform complex cuts in materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etc.

CNC lathes are very versatile and consist of an extremely fast rotating spindle.

The CNC lathe has flourished in the manufacturing industry for the production of various parts.

This advanced technology has become part of industries that include parts remanufacturing, glass processing, metal spinning, wood turning, thermal spraying, etc.


What Is a CNC Lathe?

Basically a lathe is a removal device the excess material. It rotates a work piece on a spindle or uses cutting tools and drill bits of different diameters on the work piece to remove the extra material and produce a symmetrical object.

CNC lathes can create a variety of cuts, shapes and fine details required on a rotating workpiece. A CNC lathe is programmed to perform intricate cuts on hard materials and create high-quality products in less time and at high speed.

CNC lathe with an inclined bed

CNC lathes are available in two types.

  • CNC horizontal lathe
  • CNC vertical lathe

For a production lathe, a lathe is designed with a bed that is usually flat. Lathes come in a variety of sizes; you can buy it according to your production needs.

Small lathes are ideal for manufacturing industries that require less production, while large CNC lathes are good for manufacturing industries where high production is required.

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Applications of CNC Lathes in the Manufacturing Industry

Spending money on a machine becomes profitable when it delivers the desired performance in a limited amount of time. CNC lathe provides a finely finished product or can provide an intricate part. The delicacy and good finish that a CNC lathe provides to the product has increased its demand in industries such as electronics, aviation, firearms, automotive, sports, etc. The lathe is used to produce flat surfaces and threads. It is even used to make three-dimensional products that are complicated to make. For any job, the workpiece is firmly held by one or two means in which it moves horizontally. Sometimes the workpiece is tightly seated with collets or clamps.


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