What Is a Motorized Rotary Table?

Posted on Dec 24, 2020

Rotary Table

A motorized rotary table is powered by a motor. In some models of the motorized rotary table, a type of motor called the torque motor is utilized. The motorized rotary table is also a positioning equipment which is utilized in the metal working.

Let’s pretend for a second that you are a sculptor, and you are asked to create a beautiful piece of work out of the metal, what would you do? As an artist, it is very possible, you will start by planning your work. You carefully examine every angle of the materials which are to be transformed by your hand. After a serious of observing and planning, you take out your tool to start making the sculpture. The malleable and ductile ability of the metal has made the shaping of the metal less hard than the carving on the marble stone. 

However, the problem is that whenever you want to cut the metal in the round or circular shape, you end up ruining the sculpture. If only there is equipment to help you solve this problem. Fortunately, there is actually an equipment in the industry which has the ability to help cut the metal in all sorts of shapes, the motorized rotary table. 

What Is a Rotary Table?

So what is the motorized rotary table actually? To answer this question, we have to first understand what a rotary table is. When is comes to the works which required great precision, a rotary table is a type of equipment which is capable of reaching such precision. There are various applications for the rotary table. For example, when people want to drill the holes to make sure they are all in the same distance on a circular flange, it is a good idea to utilize the rotary table. For those who want to cut a round piece with a protruding tang, the rotary table can help you achieve this task. 

It is also possible to pair work the rotary table with other types of industrial equipment. For instance, the rotary table which functions cooperatively with the compound table on top of it, has the ability to allow the user to move the center of rotation to whatever location on the part they desired. Such ability enables the arc of the rotary table to cut at any place on the part. The versatile applications of the rotary table have made it a popular choice in a lot of industries. For example, it is possible for the rotary table to manufacture and inspect the important materials in the industries such as aerospace, and automation. 

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What Is a Motorized Rotary Table?

Now that we know what a rotary table is, we can start talking about the motorized rotary table. Just as it’s name implied, the motorized rotary table is powered by a motor. In some models of the motorized rotary table, a type of motor called the torque motor is utilized. So what is a torque motor? A torque motor can be viewed as a unique form of the direct current electric motor which has the ability to operate nonstop while stalled. Such ability will not cause the torque motor to incur any damage. During this type of operation, the torque motor will supply a steady torque to the load. There is also some torque motor which is not capable of performing a complete rotation, this type of motor is referred to as the a limited angle torque motor. 

There is another type of the type motor which has taken out the commutators and brushes from its system. This type of motor is called the brushless torque motors. The toroidal construction is the type of construction which is often utilized by the torque motor. What sets the torque motor different from the other types of the motors is their wide diameter. The wide diameter has in turns allowing the operation to go on nonstop while drawing the high current in a stalled state. 

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How Does a Motorized Rotary Table Work?

Now we have learned the types of motor which are utilized to power the motorized rotary table. The main function of the motorized rotary table is not that different from the ordinary rotary table. The motorized rotary table is also a positioning equipment which is utilized in the metal working. Within the rotary tables, there is a rugged worm and gear drive which is created with a central rotating ball bearing to turn the payload. There is also a motorized rotary table which is capable of being manually operated. The larger size of the motorized rotary table has the ability to support the payloads for up to 200 lbs, while the smaller size of the motorized rotary table can handle the payloads for up to 50 lbs. 

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