What Is A Punch Set?

Posted on Dec 16, 2020

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A punch set is a collection of punches with different tips in different sizes. A punch is a piece of rod that is made of metal. These tiny pieces of metal rod are essentially used for drilling holes in the workpieces.

What Is a Punch?

    A punch set is a collection of punches with different tips in different sizes. A punch is a piece of rod that is made of metal. These tiny pieces of metal rod are essentially used for drilling holes in the workpieces. The workpieces that can be punched are often thin sheet-like workpieces. In addition to piercing a hole through the thin materials, a punch is also used to create a dimple on the surface of the workpieces. The punches can be used on multiple materials; they can be used to create holes in wood, stone, plastic, or metal workpieces. A punch set is needed since it offers a wide selection of hand tools so that the user can choose the punch tool based on the actual needs.

How a Punch Is Used?

    A punch is a piece of hand tool that is involved in manual operations. There are two different types of punches: the punches with handles and the punch pieces that need to be mounted onto a handle. A punch set contains the punch pieces. With a punch set, a smith or the user of the punch only needs a handle and the punches can be changed according to the works that the smith is going to perform. As the punches that are already fixed onto a wood handle or metal handle, the punch cannot be changed. Therefore, the smith has to have a tool box to store more of this type of punches.

    To pierce through a workpiece or to create a dimple onto it with a punch, a hammer is usually needed. Before hammering the punch, a smith has to lean the punch tip against the site where the hole should be at. After the punching site is determined, the smith hammers the handle of the punch. With the force that exerts on the punch, the sharp tip of the punch can penetrate through the workpieces. The same procedure takes place to create the dimples or holes on different materials.

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What Types of Punches Are There?

    The hollow punches and the solid punches are the most common types of punches today. The hollow punches are used frequently in puncturing the surface of sheet metal or leather in order to create a hole. They look very different from a typical punch that most people recognize. This type of punch does not have tip ends; rather, a hollow punch is a thick rod with hollow body. The hollow space is called the exit hole. When punching a sheet metal or a sheet-like workpiece with a hollow punch, the punched material is removed from the workpiece and exits from the hole. A hollow punch set is a selection of hollow punches in different diameters, lengths, and tips.

    The solid punches are more of the type that most people have in mind when it comes to a punch. The solid punches need to work with a hammer when puncturing a workpiece. A solid punch set has punches that vary in diameter, length and tip too. The solid punches are also called the pin punches since they have a similar look to the pins. The general anatomy of a solid punch is a one-piece metal rod, which is a thick shaft with a tapered tip on the one end. The solid punches are the ones that are used for typical punching works or piercing works.

Automatic Center Punch

    A conventional punch needs to pair with a hammer to work. However, an automatic center punch does not require the hammering force to create a hole in a workpiece. Instead, the user of a center punch only has to press the punch against the workpiece and the punch will drill a hole in it. When pressing an automatic center punch against a workpiece, the pressing force is firstly stored by a spring coil inside the center punch and the force will be released as an impulse that drives the punch through the workpiece.

    An automatic center punch consists of several parts. The most fundamental elements to a center punch are the punch piece, the body, the springs and the end cap. These components are all contained inside the body of the center punch. There are two spring coils inside the center punch: the pin spring and the hammer spring. When pressing the punch, the energy is stored in the springs and when the springs expand, they release the energy. The impact can be adjusted with a center punch. By screwing the end cap loose, the punching force becomes less; by tightening the end cap, the punching force gets stronger.

What Are the Applications of Center Punches?

    Before creating holes or dimples on a workpiece, an automatic center punch is also used for marking the drill sites on a workpiece by making the dimple. Since the center punch can effectively make a shallow dimple on a workpiece, it can make a mark for the following drilling operation and make sure the drill bit does not walk out of alignment. Sometimes the center punches can be used as the glass breaking tools in rescue operations or the impact tools for hardness tests.

Automated Application of the Punch

    The punches can be used manually as a type of hand tool in light duty crafting operations. The punches can also be used with automated machines in heavy duty manufacturing processes. In this type of application, a punch set is also needed so that a proper punch can be used for a particular drilling operation. In the industrial applications, a punch bit is mounted onto the ram of a press machine. When the ram goes down unto the workpiece, a hole is drilled. The punching force in this case is provided by a mechanically powered machine or a pneumatically powered one.

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