What Is a Small CNC Lathe Machine?

Posted on Jan 8, 2021

Small CNC lathe machine

A small CNC lathe machine is a smaller form of CNC lathe, which owns the same functions as that on the conventional type, but is more suitable for small-scale manufacturing with the ability to accommodate the space restriction.

Every day, we live in a lively metropolitan which is full of opportunity and interesting things to explore. Inside the city, we can see various shapes of buildings. In the park, we can see beautiful statues standing on the lawn. After a satisfying trip to the city, we take out the stainless steel bottle to get some water to drink. It is then we started to wonder the amazement of the contour of all of these different objects. The round shape of the bottle accompanied with a hollow inside has allowed us to put the water in it. The rectangular shape of the table has allowed us to put the foods or the decoration on the table. All of this shape now carefully crafted so it can perform its function as desired. In the industries, there is a unique equipment which has been invented to help us shape the metals in a way we desired. It is the main discussion of today, the small CNC lathe machine. 

What is a lathe machine?

To understand what a small CNC lathe machine is, we have to first understand the idea of lathe machines. A lathe machine is a type of equipment which is designed to remove the undesired and excessive parts of the material from a rotating work piece in the form of chips. The process of the material removing is also having the help of a tool which is traversed across the work and can be sent deep into the work. Nowadays, the lathe machine is often referred to as Mother of all Machines. There are so many applications associated with lathe machines that it has become a general-purpose machine tool. The lathe machine can be employed in production and repair work due to the fact that it enables a large variety of operations to be performed on it. After knowing what is a lathe machine, it would not be hard to comprehend what is a small CNC lathe machine. A small CNC lathe machine is also a type of lathe machine which has the same functions as that of ordinary lathe machines. The major difference is that the small CNC lathe machine has a relatively smaller size and it also utilized a technique called the Computer Numerical Control.

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What is computer numerical control? 

The Computer Numerical control is a type of technique which is often utilized by the computer or the system of the equipment to achieve the automated control of the machining tools. Within the system of the Computer Numerical Control equipment, the machine will process a piece of material to achieve the specifications by following a programmed instruction which is being coded. The whole process will operate without a manual operator directly controlling the machining operation.

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The components of the small CNC lathe machine

Now we know the system which the small CNC lathe utilized to process the work piece. As I mentioned earlier, the small CNC lathe machine is very much the same as the common lathe machine except in the smaller size. This means they also share a lot of similarities in the components which comprised them. Within the small CNC lathe machine, there is a device called the bed. The bed of the small CNC lathe machine is the base on which all the other parts of the lathe are mounted. The materials such as the cast iron or the nickel cast iron alloy can be used to make up the bed. The bed is also supported on the box-section columns which is broad. The upper surface of the bed can sometimes be scraped or grounded. 

Another component I want to talk about is the headstock. The headstock is a device which is shown on the left end side of the bed. The main purpose of the headstock is to make sure the power is transmitted to the different parts of the lathe. The headstock can also support the main spindle which is located in the bearing and help it to align properly. The tailstock on the other hand is a movable casting device which is located in the opposite direction to the headstock on the way to the bed. Between headstock and tailstock, there is also a device called the carriage. The main function of the carriage is to support, guide, and feed the tool against the job during operation.

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